8 soothing strains for Self Care Sunday

Self care can be as simple as dissociating into a video game after clocking out of work, or as complex as a comprehensive DIY at-home spa day that lasts for hours. For some folks, self care is 30 minutes of daily exercise, for others, it’s talk therapy. For most though, it’s a broad combination of stimulating, centering, and pacifying endeavors that can, in some way or another, be enhanced with a specific cannabis cultivar.

Whether your “Self Care Sunday” takes place on a Tuesday night or Friday afternoon, the objective remains the same; body, mind, and soul revitalization. And when applied with careful consideration, cannabis can totally maximize the restorative power of a proper spirit-recovery sesh. 

So if you’re in need of some personal TLC, then consider one of these cognitively euphoric and physically pacifying strains below for your next self care day. A little self love and a hit of weed can go a long, long way.


Bred from LA Confidential and Snowcap, this hybrid strain leans slightly more indica, but the high is reportedly just as bright and uplifting as the sunniest sativas, with a cool, soothing physical relaxation that reflects its name. Consumers who favor the enlivening effects of SnowLAnd report a breathtaking onset before it develops into creative, introspective, and powerfully euphoric — yet utterly relaxing — high. 

The balanced profile of this cultivar enables the strain to offer therapeutic applications, including controlled muscle spasms, anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, and depression relief. And its tendency to make you feel giggly with a hot streak of artistic inspiration makes this the perfect strain for journaling, painting, gardening or decorating. 

Expect a rich, diesel stink with notes of citrus and wood, and a candy-sweet, tropical fruit flavored exhale. 

Dutch Treat

A phenotype of perennial faves Northern Lights and Haze, this popular strain is a favorite in its own right — and with good reason. It’s dreamily relaxing without being incapacitating, and its potent yet restrained sativa genetics ensure a swooning onset that quickly evaporates, leaving behind a manageable tranquilization in both the mind and body. 

Dutch Treat fans report effects that walk the line between couch-lock and calm contentment. For those seeking self care through gaming, Dutch Treat may keep your body relaxed and elastic while sharpening your senses enough to make gaming feel next-level. Games aside, this strain can reportedly soothe the rough edges of a harsh day, both spiritually and physically, which most folks can appreciate. It’s also a popular therapeutic strain for treating migraines, chronic pain, neuropathy, and PTSD.

Expect a bold, fruity perfume and an earthy, sweet-wood exhale with super delicate top notes of mint. 

Super Silver Haze

If an increased heart rate and a bit of sweat are part of your self care routine, then consider an energetic sativa-hybrid with just enough indica genetics to inspire some deeper than average, exercise-fueled self-contemplation. 

Super Silver Haze is a crossbreed of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, and reportedly has a number of compelling sativa characteristics, including spacey creative energy and bouncy euphoria — as well as therapeutic efficacy in managing fatigue, depression, and stress. Bottom line; a few hits of Super Silver Haze before a low-stakes, at-home yoga flow or peppy, bedroom aerobics sesh might make those sukasanas and grapevines feel like an even more effective way to access some higher-self wisdom. 

Expect a sour, skunky nose and a spicy, sweet, herbaceous exhale.

Orange Cookies

Two strains known for their tastiness, GSC and Orange Juice, were crossed to create Orange Cookies, a genetically balanced, ultra-responsive, crazy-delicious hybrid cultivar. Consumers love Orange Cookies for its reports of treating a number of wellness needs, both physical and mental. 

The body highs can be gently relaxing or mildly effervescent depending on your resting state, but the head highs are overwhelmingly reported as euphoric beyond measure. If your self care involves meditations on gratitude, Orange Cookies may put you in just the right state of mind to revel in your blessings.

Expect a sweet, orange candy perfume and a grassy, botanical exhale with notes of lemongrass and pink pepper.

Purple Trainwreck

This hybrid cultivar’s genetics may skew slightly energetic, but it’s by no means a red-hot sativa. Many fans report a celebratory onset that evenly dissipates into body and head highs that are decidedly more relaxed. For canna-thusiasts who are using their self care days to hit a psychological reset button, Purple Trainwreck may be the euphoric game changer they’ve been looking for. 

Purple Trainwreck is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Trainwreck, and its reported therapeutic uses include the management of ADHD, hyperactivity, depression, and chronic pain. 

Expect a thick, complex fragrance layered with citrus, compost, botanicals, and corner-store candy. The exhale is a correspondingly complex cloud of lemony herbs and overripe berries. 

Cookie Wreck

For those who desire insulation against the outside world as a form of self care, Cookie Wreck may very well offer the cashmere dissociation vibes they need. Consumers traveling deeply into their own innerspace is this cultivar’s most favorable effect. It’s a balanced hybrid cross of GSC and Trainwreck, and features a cannabinoid profile that often includes modest percentages of both CBD and CBG. 

Cookie Wreck’s body high can feel like a soft tranquilizer, but the head high is often reported as bright, focused and clear — even a bit psychedelic. That said, you should prepare for a long-lasting high with pronounced psychotropic-in-the-head and sedative-in-the-body effects. 

Expect the sweet smell of sugar cookies and wood chips, a nutty, grassy exhale, and a vanilla aftertaste that lingers pleasantly in the nose and mouth.  


At the intersection of self care and self indulgence is MAC, an evenly balanced cross of Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian. MAC’s reputation as a luxury strain stems from reported effects that include intense euphoria and a bone-deep relaxation that assuages chronic pain without dulling the users senses. In fact, fans of this strain report a heightening of senses that could become overwhelming for novice smokers, so toke with consideration. 

Including MAC in a spa-style day of self care will likely make your bubble bath feel even more foamy, your scalp massage more tingly, and your DIY pedicure feel like more of an artistic endeavor than typical grooming. 

Expect a dank, tropical funk fragrance with the suggestion of a floral bouquet, and a spicy/sweet diesel exhale that leaves behind a hint of lemon essence. 

Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream consumers routinely describe this hybrid cross of Bubbashine and Appalachia as a panacea for physical and mental relief. But, more than those therapeutic applications, Sunshine Daydream is stoney as hell. 

Genetically, it leans indica, with effects so powerfully relaxing that regular consumers advise only using this strain at bedtime — despite the cheery name. Head highs range from calm and placated to downright drowsy, and body highs seem to leave tokers with effects that are both tingly and lethargic. 

Expect a potent perfume of fresh blueberries with dank edges and earthy undertones, and a citrusy, woody, gassy exhale. 

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