7 rainbow-themed products you'll actually want to buy

St. Patrick’s Day is mostly known for shamrocks, gold, and leprechauns. But one of our favorite standout themes of the classically charming holiday is bright, colorful rainbows. And what better way to celebrate the luckiest day of the year than with a stash of beautiful cannabis products?

Below, get your hands on some gorgeous bongs, vapes, rolling papers, and more and create your own pot of gold — with a little green, of course.  

Rainbow Cloud Bong from Canna Style

Somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll find this sweet bong from Canna Style. Made of heavy borosilicate and standing at 7.8 inches, or about 20 centimeters, it’s the perfect piece to brighten your glass collection. We recommend loading this unique setup with Rainbow Sherbet to truly float you off to the clouds. 

Searching for something even more vivid? Check out Canna Style’s Neon Rainbow Recycler Bong. You can also choose a rig attachment for tasty dabs. 

Price: $78

Tie Dye Coral Gardens Rolling Papers from Papers+Ink

Absolutely color-soaked, these rolling papers from Paper+Ink are a stunning way to impress your friends — and yourself — with a delightful take on the classic joint. The organic, unbleached papers are offered in full kits or mini-packs, in which you’ll receive king-sized sheets and slim filters.

And what better strain to roll up with these saturated beauties than Pot of Gold? You’ll feel like you’ve found one by the time you roach these rainbow papers anyway. 

Price: $28 for the full kit, $14 for the mini pack

Minimalist Pipe from Gadzyl

The Minimalist Pipe from Gadzyl adds sweet pastels to your everyday collection, and it’s positively delightful. The bowl is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, while the exterior is handmade polymer clay. 

If you’re planning to dabble in a little wake-and-bake to celebrate St. Patrick, you’ll want to load the bowl with delicious Irish Cream and start your day with an energetic buzz.  

Price: $51.25

UV Horned Unicorn Bowl from Empire Glassworks

Rainbows are doubly associated with magical unicorns — which is what you’ll feel like when hitting the UV Horned Unicorn Bowl from Empire Glassworks. Plus, the horn glows in the dark, so you’ll always find your way. 

Make it even more enchanting with Rainbow Kush for a happy and relaxed session. 

Price: $55

Rainbow Iridescent Ashtray from Mary Jae

From LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and womxn-owned brand Mary Jae, this ceramic Rainbow Iridescent Ashtray features built-in joint rests and is so bright and colorful, you’ll want to feature it front and center on your coffee table.

Price: $20

Electric Pink Eggshell Bong from Noble Glass

Available in four sizes, these precious handmade Electric Pink Eggshell Bongs from Noble Glass are one of a kind. The rainbow streak across the stem adds a touch of whimsy to an already beautiful pink-and-purple piece. 

Add a little green to the mix with Green Queen for a flowery-tasting strain that matches the feel of the bong. 

Price: $85 (prices vary by size)

Dragoo Resin Vape Cartridge from Vapmod 

Vapmod’s simple and compact Dragoo Resin Vape is perfect to hit before hunting for gold — or to simply enjoy the day while soaking in the good luck around you. This pretty handheld device fits most 510 cartridges and has a preheat function and four heat settings. 

Search for a Lucky Charms cartridge to end the holiday on a charming note.   

Price: $34

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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