7 of the best gay shows to watch while high

Gay stoners, rejoice. We are living in two simultaneous golden ages — one being television and the other being weed. But with the surge of high-quality gay television and even higher quality cannabis, it’s hard to know where to start. As an out and proud gay stoner, I’ve watched and smoked — and vaped and eaten and sublingually absorbed — enough to steer you toward only the best. 

Rest easy and treat yourself with this pairing menu of must-watch gay shows and the cannabis products to go with them.


Centered around the 1980s New York ballroom scene, Pose is equal parts historic tribute, trans celebration, and 80s outfit porn. Trans model Angel, played by Indya Moore, is so smoking hot my retinas are burning by the end of each episode. Blanca, played by Mj Rodriguez, is the House of Evangelista matriarch and the mother we all wish we had. And Billy Porter plays Pray Tell, the patriarch of the Ball scene who brings more than enough talent to carry the whole show. 

It’s a total joy to watch, a tear-jerker, and corny enough at times to feel like an after-school special, but we love it anyway.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 

This show is a no-brainer for too many reasons to list. So instead of cataloging them all, I want to narrow my scope and highlight Season 9. Pound for pound, this season has the most iconic moments of any other — Valentina’s dramatic mask moment being one of them. Season 9 has the unselfconscious air of early seasons and the high production value of later seasons, making it the perfect season to start if you haven’t gotten sucked into RPDR yet. It’s also the choicest season to rewatch if you’ve already seen them all. 

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The L Word: Generation Q

The original L Word is perfectly watchable while high, but Gen Q is peak gay stoner entertainment because it is both sexy and so, so dumb. The AV Club explains why much more articulately than I ever could, but let’s just say there are comically unconvincing relationships, leisurely weekday breakfast meet-ups, and a debate about whether there was a merkin involved with some extremely lush armpit hair. 

It’s so bad it’s good and perfect for those nights when all you want to do is take your pants off, curl up on the couch with a bowl of pasta, and turn your brain off. 

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The Golden Girls

There aren’t any LGBTQ main characters in this show about senior citizen friendship, but it’s a gay staple thanks to Blanche’s legendary ho status and Dorothy’s devastating reads. The Miami ranch-style they call home will give you decor inspo for days — specifically Blanche’s frond-tastic pink and green bedroom. There are also approximately 1,000 episodes, so it’s just the thing to turn on when you’re glued to the couch.

Product pairings: OG Kush flower because it’s timeless, plus some Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm for when your high-pochondria sets in and you, too, suddenly feel aches in your knees.

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Schitt’s Creek 

It took me a while to climb aboard the Schitt’s Creek train, but after miscalculating the dose of a tincture one night, it proved to be the perfect thing to level me out. 

Every character on this show deserves a spot in the Gay Hall of Fame, but Dan Levy’s character, David Rose, is one of the most endearing gay icons to grace our screens. Come for Alexis’s hit single, “A Little Bit Alexis,” stay for David’s master class on snark, and rewatch every season a dozen times just to marvel at Moira Rose’s unhinged outfits. 

Product pairings: Heavy Hitters’ Ultra Potent Strawberry gummies because I imagine them inspiring one of Alexis’s wild anecdotes. You should also pick up a bottle of Rebel Coast’s weed wine just for the fruit wine episode.

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Bargain Block 

Pretty much any show on HGTV is fit for gays, but Bargain Block features the sweetest, most precious couple to grace the network since Fixer Upper‘s Chip and Jojo. Power couple Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas buy rundown Detroit homes, remodel them while living in them to save money, and sell them for an affordable price once they’re fixed up. It’s pretty incredible what they’re able to do on such limited time and funds. Their 1970s-inspired desert-modern home, for example, is what millennial homeowner dreams are made of. 

Between the geometric accent walls, budget-friendly hacks, and couple goals, Bargain Block is guaranteed to be your new favorite homo-improvement show. 

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The Nanny

Much like The Golden Girls, this sitcom isn’t explicitly gay, but a gay staple nonetheless. Fran Drescher plays Fran Fine, the fashion-forward nanny from Flushing who lands on the doorstep of rich British dude Maxwell Sheffield and his three over-caffeinated kids. She’s not actually a nanny, but a recently dumped and fired bridal store assistant with a lot of wacky anecdotes, so naturally hilarious gaffes ensue. In contrast with most ’90s sitcoms, each minute is packed with jokes that’ll go right over your head if you’re sufficiently stoned, making all 146 episodes perfect for rewatching. You’ll be rewarded even if you only watch this show to understand why so many RPDR queens do Fran Fine for Snatch Game.

Product pairing: Forbidden Fruit flower because the berry notes in this strain are as palpable as the sexual tension between Fran and Mr. Sheffield.

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