7 cannabis products pro MLS player Rodney Wallace can't live without

Rodney Wallace is a professional soccer player best known for his time with the MLS’ Portland Timbers. A lifelong athlete, Wallace has faced many adversities that plague the pros: uncertainty of career, continuous physical ailments, anxiety, depression, and many other realities that come with being worldwide famous and having every part of your life under society’s microscope. In his search for healing and escape, like many people, Wallace turned to cannabis.

Wallace’s relationship with the plant started in high school and continued throughout the pros. However, it never hindered his work. “As a soccer player my whole life, there always had to be a balance between [cannabis] and the game,” Wallace tells us. Over time, the physical and mental effects of professional sports wore on him, leading to a painkiller addiction. “I had severe arthritis in my hips, and none of the medicines they were giving me really worked anymore. These anti-inflammatories are not really masking the pain and helping me heal.”

The physical and mental pain he was feeling would zap his energy, affecting the time he could spend with his family, and that’s when Wallace began experimenting with CBD as an alternative source of healing. This shifted his focus from recreational to medicinal use, eventually leading to creation of his CBD brand, Rewind by Rodney Wallace. “I used [CBD] to get out of my physical pain, and to get out of the mental state I was in. Once I felt better, I knew I had to get other people to feel this, especially professional athletes.”

Rewind produces a complete array of CBD products including oils, edibles, topicals, softgels, and even gummies for pets. They also sell wellness bundles based on various needs: sports, beauty, relaxation, and a “staff’s favorites” option. Their website boasts their products as double lab certified and being made from organically grown, CO2 extracted hemp. 

In discussion with Wallace about weed, his career, and Rewind, we also talked about some of his favorite cannabis products that he’s come across. Here are seven cannabis products that Rodney Wallace can’t live without.

The Lavender Eucalyptus Salve by Rewind

There wasn’t a single product that Rodney Wallace lauded more than Rewind’s Lavender Eucalyptus Salve. He keeps it all over the house, and he uses it in almost every waking moment. The salve is made of hemp derived CBD, lavender, and eucalyptus organic essential oils. It’s described as a self-soothe that supports healthy joint and muscle function, which is what Rodney uses it for most, “Before I go to bed, I like to stretch and massage myself with the Hypervolt massage gun. But I can’t use that without having a little bit of salve on.”

Flav Rainbow Belts

Rodney hasn’t smoked weed in a long time. The last time was when he was using vapes and edibles for pain relief after his second hip surgery. In that time, he had a friend that would bring him random products to try, and of all the edibles, the Flav Rainbow Belts rose to the top. 

If you like gummies, then you should know about Rainbow Belts. They come packaged in a 100 milligram THC pouch of 10, you can also opt for CBD. And truly, you should expect to consume all ten at once because they’re so delicious, you’ll forget they get you stoned. Flav operates in most of the recreational markets, so if you live in a legal state, definitely get out there and scoop these.

Undefeated Menthol Sports Cream by Rewind

The Undefeated Menthol Sports Cream is another one of Rodney’s CBD products that he uses on an everyday basis. The website suggests it for relief from sore muscles and tension. “Right now, I’m working out in an attempt to get back [playing soccer] professionally. I put it on right before I work out and it takes effect so fast.” The Sports Cream is made from broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD, and is made with menthol and camphor. If you’re an athlete looking for pain relief, or to simply ease the effects of pro sports on your body, Rodney suggests using this product.

Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza

Wallace lives in New York City where cannabis is still illegal. And still, a man named Chris Barrett, operates a cannabis-infused pizza delivery service called Stoned Pizza. This was an edible Rodney swears by. He literally laughed as he reminisced on how good it was. Stoned Pizza offers a full range of products from pizzas to brownies, gelato, even chicken lollipops. 

Premium CBD Go-To Gels by Rewind

“I feel enlightened, I feel like I’m glowing on that shit,” is one of the best ways anyone can describe how a product makes them feel. Those were the soccer star’s words as he emphasized the relief from Rewind’s CBD Go-To Gels. “The CBD Go-To is different than the oil because it absorbs in a faster way, so you’ll get the CBD faster, and at a higher volume than a capsule.” 

Fundamental Orange CBD Oil by Rewind

When it comes to the complete line of Rewind products, Rodney suggests using them all individually at various times of the day for a full-day regimen. The lavender eucalyptus salve was the just-to-get-by product for all-day use, the undefeated menthol sports cream is for when it’s time to get physically active, the melatonin oil they have is obviously for bedtime, and when it comes to needing that morning boost in morale, Rodney’s favorite is Rewind’s Fundamental Orange CBD Oil

“It works best for me because it’s more of a morning than night thing. It gives me that waking up in the morning vibe with coffee and I’m zoomed into whatever I need to do. Motivated, zoomed in, feeling good.” If you consider that many orange-flavored cannabis strains provide uplifting and energetic effects, and that the terpenes of a strain contribute to its effects, it would make sense how an orange-flavored CBD oil advertised as full of beneficial terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids would put a pep in your step.

CBD Strawberry Lemonade Gummies by Rewind

Lastly, one of Rodney’s favorite products to consume are the CBD Strawberry Lemonade Gummies. He says his body reacts in a great way to edibles, and that these are particularly delicious. Rewind lists the gummies as naturally sweetened and free from gelatin, corn syrup and refined sugar. If vegan gummies are your jam, these may be the ones for you.

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