5 weed products Teela LaRoux can't live without

Teela LaRoux is a Playboy playmate and cannabis advocate. She is most known for being the July 2019 Playmate, in addition to her promotional work with Harley Davidson, Apothic Wine, and LA Models.

We got the opportunity to chop it up with LaRoux about her relationship with cannabis, why she supports its normalization, and which products she’d recommend to the masses.

Below, check out five of Teela LaRoux’s favorite cannabis products.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Tinctures

Teela started smoking weed in her younger years, but it made her feel a little paranoid, so she ditched it. Years later, in her early 20s, she came back to the plant, this time by way of Papa & Barkley Releaf tinctures. She instantly fell in love and they’ve been together ever since. “I have tried every tincture on the market, and that one by far, is the one that I’m completely obsessed with,” she said.

Papa & Barkley is a California cannabis company that produces a line of capsules, tinctures and balms. Their Releaf tinctures are some of the most popular products on the market, made with MCT oil, which may help your body metabolize cannabinoids quicker, according to the Papa & Barkley website. The Releaf tinctures are marketed as an aid for pain and inflammation. “I still battle anxiety and I have a high stress life at times and that’s the one that seems to work best for me.”

Available: THC products available in California, CBD products available nationwide.

Whoopi & Maya Bath Soak

Unfortunately for Teela, Whoopi & Maya has ceased operation as a company and no longer produces this magical soak. So if you still own some, hold on dearly.

Whoopi & Maya was a cannabis company owned by Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth. Their product line included a medical cannabis lavender bath soak and a medical cannabis body balm. LaRoux champions their bath soak when it comes to relief from cramps during her menstrual cycle, “I use that every month during my cycle, it’s incredible.” 

The solution in Whoopi & Maya’s SOAK (the balm is called RUB) is basically made of epsom salt with added essential oils and minerals. It is marketed for deep relaxation and offers relief from the aches, pains, and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.

Lowell Farms Pre-rolls

Tinctures and salves are the clear favorites in LaRoux’s routine, but she also loves the pre-rolls from Lowell Farms

“I used to get paranoid so I stopped using [cannabis] for a long time. And then someone recommended it to me in my 20s when I started to deal with anxiety and depression.”

As tinctures reintroduced Teela to cannabis, she also began to educate herself on strains. She realized that it wasn’t necessarily the weed that made her paranoid, she just may have been smoking the wrong kind, “back when I was younger, I was going towards Sativas, and I really needed to be going with an Indica or a high CBD-dominant strain.”

The good news is Lowell has all of those bases covered. Lowell is California’s best-selling pre-roll brand, but they also produce a full range of products that include premium flower, solventless hash oil, and even a line of solventless vape carts. “I’m really excited to try their new cold pressed vapes.”

Available: California

Kiva Confections Terra Bites

Kiva Confections is a brand in California with a line of chocolate bars, gummies, mints, and delicious little chocolate bites known as Terra Bites. Terra Bites are Teela LaRoux’s shit, “sometimes I put them in the freezer and they’re absolutely delicious. And they make you feel relaxed and calm and super chill and happy.”

Production is what sets Kiva apart from many other edibles companies. Many edibles are made with distillates, but Kiva chocolate bars and Terra Bites are made with cold water hash. Using solventless hash provides a more complete cannabis experience and it also makes for a richer taste.

Available: California

Beboe Vape Pens

Beboe is a cannabis company that produces a line of disposable vape pens and pastilles. Both products come with a Sativa option marketed for daytime use, and an Indica option marketed for nighttime use. They also have a calming CBD blend marketed for anytime use.

LaRoux gushed, “Beboe’s great. I love Beboe. I tried their pens for the first time last year and they’re great. They just hit really smooth. They’re super clean, and they’ve got this really nice lavender aroma too and it’s super delicious.”

Available: California and Colorado

Interview by Nic Juarez. Written by Dante Jordan. Graphic design by David Lozada.

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