5 weed products rapper Rick Ross can't live without

Rick Ross needs little introduction. One of the most iconic rappers of all time, the Miami native rose to notoriety at the end of the aughts on a flossy blend of boss vibes, Rozay lifestyle, and bigname features, the culmination of which can best be described by his signature phrase, Maybach Music

In addition to being synonymous with big daddy luxury and his music projects, the phrase also refers to Maybach Music Group, the record label Ross founded in 2009, which elevated him from just another rapper to the Teflon Don we love today. After a decade and a half of chart topping hits, nods for every award under the sun (including a 2020 Grammy nomination for Gold Roses with Drake), and the kind of career that dreams are made of, Ross has set his sights on a new kind of success. Specifically, investing in a handful of WingStop locations, and launching Collins Ave, his own line of flower.

For the latter venture, Ross has linked up with California mega-brand, Cookies, owned by none other than frequent rap collaborator and old friend, Berner. “I met Berner in 2011, just touring,” said Ross. “One of my homies brought him on the tour bus and introduced me to him. We smoked, and he gave me my own personal sack of what we were smokin’ on. That was the beginning of it. We just went from there.” He continued, “He’s a cool, laid back motherfucker. He’s real calm, and I like that.” 

For the lifelong stoner, who smoked his first spliff at age thirteen, weed has always served a positive role, making Ross’s foray into the legal market a natural progression. “I’ve always been a heightened individual. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. I can be aggressive. So smoking tones me down a little bit. It makes me a little more relaxed, gives me time to reflect by myself,” he paused, “but I’m a real smoker. Like I really intake. Big smoke. I love big smoke.” 

To celebrate the launch of Collins Ave, here are five weed products Rick Ross can’t live without, straight from the Don himself. 

VIBES Hemp Rolling Papers

VIBES are an extremely high-quality line of rolling papers created by Berner, and made in France. Though they also come in Rice and Ultra Thin, Ross swears by the Hemp version. “They’re my white bread,” he said. 

Available: Nationwide

Swisher Sweets

“If I’m not smoking my hemp VIBES, I’m smoking my Swisher Sweet,” said Ross. Like him, these blunts are ultimately iconic, big in major cities, and need very little introduction. 

If you’ve been around the weed world at all in your life, you’ve hit a Swisher more than once. If you’re anything like Ross, you hit them every chance you get. He continued, ”I mean, I want an old school blunt. I’m talkin ’bout that old school ’95 shit. That Wu Tang shit,” he laughs, “that’s actually what I’m smokin’ right now.” 

Available: Nationwide

London Pound Cake #75

When asked about his favorite strains of flower, Ross said, “I love that London Pound Cake.” London Pound Cake #75 is a particularly fire Cookies strain as a cross of Sunset Sherbert and an unknown heavy-hitting indica. With a fruity, floral smell and a sweet, citrusy flavor, these beautiful buds, densely purple with orange accents, bring a creeper high that will leave you feeling euphoric, heady, and chill. 

Gary Payton by Cookies

Next up? Gary Payton. “Then that Gary Payton strain, that’s my main shit right now,” said Ross. 

The Gary Payton strain by Cookies is another all out banger, and a relatively new one at that. The strain dropped about a year ago in collaboration with the legendary Seattle SuperSonics and Hall of Famer. 

Known for its spicy, gassy buds and a hard hitting, long-lasting high, it’s a strain for feeling blissed out and floaty, with a heavy body and a head to match. 

Collins Ave 

Ross, of course, couldn’t live without the very collaboration he’s been working on. “Wow man, it’s really a big thing,” Ross said of the collaboration. “What Berner created out on the West Coast, you know that shit is global now. Cookies is global. I’m happy to bring that shit to the South.” 

He continues, “Growing up in Miami, I smoked a lot of Jamiaican weed, a lot of backyard weed. Anything you could imagine, we smoked it. But on the West Coast, there’s something in the air. That’s what I want to bring to the South. This idea is based on smoking the best bud, and working with homies everywhere.” 

Collins Ave is offering three strains: Collins Ave (a soothing indica), Pink Rozay (an all-day hybrid) and Lemon Pepper (a spicy, upbeat sativa). 

When asked his favorite of the three strains, Ross wasn’t shy. “My favorite is the Pink Rozay right now. This shit taste like my girlfriend.” 

He continued, “Indica and sativa, I don’t even talk that. It doesn’t matter. I wanted this to be something you could smoke all day, because that’s what I’m smoking for. I want a powerful effect. So that’s what’s important. That this shit tastes like my girlfriend,” Ross paused, “Wow I love that quote.” 

Photo by Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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