5 weed products CJ Wallace can't live without

It’s not every day you have the chance to speak to hip-hop royalty, but that’s exactly what Christopher Jordan Wallace is. The son of The Notorious B.I.G., a rapper from New York that you may have heard of, and Faith Evans, the legend who gave the world — and my mother’s Toyota Camry speakers — “Soon As I Get Home” and “Love Like This,” CJ was born with greatness in his blood. Still, leaving his story at his parents’ names would be minimizing, because the entrepreneur, activist, musician, and weed-loving rasta man is so much more. 

“I don’t feel pressure to follow [in their steps], I feel pressure to take it to new heights. I don’t want it to be like ‘his dad had it and he fucked it off,’” CJ told me during a recent Zoom call.

Wallace is the kind-faced co-founder of Think BIG, a cannabis company aimed at cannabis activism and the fight restorative justice, and Frank White, a cannabis lifestyle brand focused on health, wellness, music, fashion, and creativity. “When we started Think BIG, I just wanted to cement my place in the cannabis industry and to honor my father. I know if he was alive, he would love to have a space in the cannabis market.”

The reason CJ and I hopped on the phone was because he was recently profiled for BET’s Smoke: Marijuana + America documentary, which airs out America’s history with the infamous War on Drugs and how it ruined Black and Brown communities for generations — only to become the legal industry that venture capitalists make billions off of today. Its message mirrors everything Wallace aims to highlight in his work: “With Think BIG and Frank White, it was always about talking about the communities that were most harmed by the War on Drugs, reinvestment in the community, and getting all our brothers and sisters out of jail for nonviolent cannabis offenses,” says Wallace. “You can’t talk about criminal injustice without talking about cannabis. It’s one of the first triggers that police used to lock up Black men and women.”

Another reason CJ supports federal cannabis legalization is that he has seen its healing benefits firsthand. His little brother, Joshua Jahad Russaw, has autism, and as a child his mother would give him CBD to help with the medical conditions that come with it. This was before lab testing and solid consistency with products, so the medicine was often effective on a case-by-case basis. Legalization would make cannabis accessible to all families that have the same experience.

Frank White is just getting started with a bright future ahead. Their entry into the cannabis market was a collaboration with California’s famous pre-roll brand, Lowell Farms, called the Frank White Creative Blend. It was a sativa-dominant hybrid for the active smokers who want to get high and make music, write, anything. They’ve also recently released a Frankie Baby t-shirt.

“My dad was a huge influence in cannabis, period. He was the doctor for his community. It wasn’t exactly good, but he had to provide for his family. He was selling drugs illegally, and now I’m doing it the legal way.” 

Not only does Wallace love to sell legal weed, he also loves to smoke legal weed. It helps him sleep at the end of the night or before a flight, to feel focused when writing or making music, it boosts his creativity, declutters his mind, and slows the world around him. 

In addition to all of his important work, we had to talk about his favorite weed products that he can’t live without.

Illadelph Bong

When asked about his top five favorite products, off-rip CJ said his Illadelph Bong without taking a breath. “I usually like to wake up to three bong rips. That starts the day off, it’s always going to be a good day with three bong rips.”

Illadelph Glass is a glass company out in Philadelphia, PA that makes a high-end line of functional borosilicate glassware. 

“I have to have the Illadelph everywhere I go. I have two in New York every time I go: one at my sister’s house, one at my grandma’s house.”


Wallace isn’t much of a dabber or vape guy, and he tends to use edibles only for sleep. Flower though? That’s all day and night, and he’s not too picky on type, as long as it’s some fire. 

“Mornings, I like to go with hybrids, sativa-dominant, so I’m not tired if I have to get out of the house. But if I’m in the house, I’ll smoke heavy indica. I love to be couch-locked.”

Of his favorite strains and products, he said, “Cookies has some of my favorite genetics: Backpack Boyz are great, Gran Flora (strain), Garrison Lane, the Billy Kimber is fire. There’s so much good weed out there, especially in California. It’s not fair.”

Tauri Gum

Tauri Gum is a CBD-infused cannabis gum and gummies brand. They produce CBG gum as well, which is what Wallace held up to the camera. “This is my favorite gum right now. They have a bunch of different flavors. To fight the smoke breath, gotta have the Tauri Gum.”

Tree Trunk Tray

Tree Trunk is based out of Canada — they make really nice black walnut wooden trays.

Grabba Leaf

Lastly, Wallace mentioned that he’s got to have his Grabba Leaf or phonto leaf when it’s time to roll up. On blunts vs. joints, he said, “I teeter with both. I prefer bong before both though.”

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