5 Glass Bong Advantages

When it comes to cannabis consumption, there are many options. There are also many options when it comes to smoking cannabis. Bongs are probably the most popular and are one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to smoke your bud. A glass bong is arguably the most elegant, versatile and easy to maintain of the different types of bongs.

Vapes may be fancier and more high-tech than bongs, but bongs are less effort, less expensive and let you get the best from your weed, both in flavour and effect. For those looking for a water pipe and a great hit of weed, the glass bong is your answer.

Smoother and Less Harmful

Joints can be pretty harsh on your throat and lungs because it involves combustion and is drawn directly in without any way to filter the smoke. A bong will provide a smoother hit because it is similar to a vaporizer, only less expensive.

The 5 Advantages

When it comes to bongs, there are lots to choose from. If you are just starting to smoke weed a glass bong is a great way to go. Here are 5 big advantages to the glass bong:

  1. They can be one beautiful piece of art: When you buy a glass bong, you are buying a hand-made pipe. There is no mass-produced manufacturing. Bongs are diverse in shape and design. You may like an ornately designed and colourful glass bong, or you may like a simple modern clean look. They are as unique as the artist that made them or the person buying them.
  2. A Bong Hit is Big Hit: When you take a hit from a bong, it is big. It is bigger than other ways of smoking. This may be a bit intimidating at first, but you can always start by making the hit as big or as small as you like. Once you are ready for a bigger hit, you’ll notice what the bong is fully capable of.
  3. Cleaning is Easy: Glass bongs are easy to clean. Bongs can be made from plastic, wood, even metal, but the glass bongs are the easiest to maintain. A glass bong is easily cleaned with alcohol with no harmful residuals.
  4. A Cooler, smoother Way to Smoke: Water filtration is what a bong is all about. Burning cannabis and drawing in the smoke through a bong, cools it down through the water before you inhale. Burned debris is caught by the water allowing for smoother hits. The smoke from a joint is, therefore, more harmful for your lungs than the smoke drawn through a bong.
  5. This Reusable Pipe Can Last a Lifetime: Buying a bong is an investment but it doesn’t involve the expense of high-quality vaping equipment. This is a reusable smoking piece, and it is a great solution for cooler smoke. It is also very efficient. For maximum use and minimum waste, there is nothing better. The bong is now a relaxing smoking experience and can be a centrepiece to your smoking enjoyment.

Now that weed is legal in Canada, and you can buy great cheap BC weed from Canna Wholesalers, it is also easy to buy bongs online. A bong is typically not something that you can carry around with you, but it is easy to use in your own home and an enjoyable way of smoking.

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