5 edibles for consumers on the go

We’ve all been there: You want a little psychoactive oomph added to your day, but you’re on the move. The conspicuous rigamarole of rolling a joint on the fly is not an option, and you learned a lesson last time about gobbling a potent, infused cookie before heading out the door and going about your business. So what’s a bud-friendly busybody to do?

Edibles can be a fickle beast, especially for the novice consumer. Dosing is often tricky, and there are countless product types available in the legal market, ranging from weapons-grade brownies and low-dose gummies, to lush delicacies like Italian-style drinkables or these elegant burnt caramel truffles. Figuring out which brand or what form of edibles works for you and your needs can feel like traversing a marijuana mindfield. So we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve highlighted some infused treats that will complement the lifestyles of active, on-the-go tokers — regardless if you’re a newbie or a pro. 

Sonder Space Crystals

Calling all 90s kids: the ingenious folks at Sonder developed a cannabis remix of Pop Rocks, aptly named “Sonder Space Crystals.” These babies are nearly indistinguishable in appearance and sensation to the original candy, but enhanced with some innovative infusion tech. 

A single-serve pouch of crystals includes 10 milligrams of THC, and Sonder offers zany flavors like Peachy Passion, Stoned Fruit, and Pineapple Party. Best of all, they’re made using sublingual nanoemulsion technology, so consumers will feel the effects within 15 minutes, compared to most edibles’ typical hour-long onset. 

On top of being low dose and instant-release, Sonder Space Crystals are neatly packaged in slim pouches that can easily fit in a wallet or pocket. These qualities make the product ideal for anyone trying to get lifted while out and about. Just rip one open, pour it in your mouth, and let these canna-crystals titillate your tongue and brain alike. 

Available in California.

Mondo Meds 

Say you don’t have a sweet tooth, but are still looking for an edibles experience akin to the infused Pop Rocks detailed above, what product should you reach for? Mondo Meds might just scratch that itch. The dissolving cannabis powder, also described as a “powdered tincture,” is ideal for adding some magic to any beverage or dish your heart desires. 

Similar to Sonder, Mondo’s infused offerings are fast-acting, with effects felt within 15 minutes. A jar of their powder includes 200 milligrams of THC, as well as a precision scooper that enables controlled doses of 5 milligrams of THC. Ladle some powder on to your tongue, or mix it into your coffee, tea, or food — it’s that simple. 

Mondo has a slight taste of cacao, and will be your new favorite “secret ingredient” for any meal, whether you cooked it yourself or picked it up from a restaurant. With this product, the limits of infusion are boundless.

Mondo CBD available nationwide. Mondo THC available in California.

1906 Go Beans 

The name of this edible says it all: New Highs 1906‘s GO Beans are literally intended for those on the go. These dark chocolate-covered coffee beans are packed with cannabis, caffeine, and L-theanine — a concoction designed to “help you get all the life stuff done, whether that’s an endurance workout or an epic to-do list.” 

Instead of starting your day with a large Red Eye and huffing a joint packed with a strong sativa, opt for the 1906 GO Beans instead. The product’s stimulating and mind-altering effects essentially allow you to kill two birds with one stoner. And since there’s only 1 milligram of THC in each GO Bean, the risk of overdoing it is slim, making these edibles perfect for incorporating into your morning routine. 

Available in California.

Cann Social Tonics

Drinkables, the beverage equivalent of an edible, are still in their salad days as a product category. Despite major investment from big players in both the cannabis and alcohol industries, the market size for infused drinks was reportedly around $200 million in 2019. And that’s not saying much: the partnership between cannabis monolith Tilray and Anheuser-Busch InBev to develop a drinkable product involved a $100 million investment alone.

So even though infused drinks are slowly gaining steam in the legal landscape, that doesn’t mean they aren’t already awesome in their current state. And for consumers with active lifestyles, you couldn’t find a better wavvy beverage than Cann Social Tonics

A single can of Cann only packs 2 milligrams of THC, so you can “have one or have five,” as the brand suggests on its site. “No hangovers here, just the right amount of lift wrapped up in a delicious beverage.” Ideal for bringing to the beach, a barbecue, or a picnic, Cann’s stoney sippers are a tasty and low-maintenance option that will put the high in your highdration. 

Available in California.

Kiva Camino Gummies 

Our last edibles pick is a tried-and-true classic: Kiva Confections‘ Camino Gummies. These premium sweets are sold in packs of 20, with each gummy containing 5 milligrams of THC. With sleek and discrete packaging, the THC-filled tins can easily fit in your back pocket, purse, or even the cupholder in your car without raising suspicion.

The gummies are “tailored by terpenes,” meaning the brand intentionally implements certain terpenes and flavonoids alongside the cannabinoid content, leading to a more directional high. And with delectable flavors like Pineapple Habanero, Watermelon Lemonade, and Blood Orange, you’ll never touch another bag of Haribos again. 

The gummy line gets its name from El Camino Real road in California, and the edibles were designed to “evoke the enchanting experience of travel and exploration.” For on-the-go pot lovers, you couldn’t ask for a better roadside companion.

Available in California.

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