3 weed products rapper Boosie can't live without

Boosie Badazz, Boosie Boo, Lil’ Boosie, or simply Boosie is a rap legend from Baton Rouge, LA that really needs no introduction. If you’ve ever wiped down your shoulders, chest, pants, shoes, then you know Boosie. If you’ve ever screamed “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T” at the top of your lungs as a celebration of Black culture and female independence, you know Boosie. If you’ve ever sang “36 O’s, 36 O’s, all white, all white, like some tiptoes” while bagging up the work, you know Boosie. 

Recently, I had the chance to hop on a Zoom with Boosie to discuss weed, music, life during a global pandemic, and above everything else, his recent partnership with hemp CBD company Black Bayou. Without hyperbole, I can tell you that it was the funniest conversation I’ve ever had. Off rip the man introduced himself like, “My name is Boosie, I’m a G in the world, and I’m just a ballin’ ass nigga who loves a lot of people, and a lot of people love me.”

Music-wise, Boosie has released multiple projects this year, with more on the way. In February he fed the stress with BADAZZ MO3, a collaboration with rapper MO3, in April 2020 he gave us G.O.A.T Talk 2, and in June he gave us his quarantine soundtrack, In House. On what’s to come, Boosie said, “My G.O.A.T. Talk 3 next. I got [NBA Young Boy], I got Trouble on there — my artist Yung Bleu just got a feature with Drake. We steady going up.” 

The pandemic has shut down live music and tours as we know it, however the serial hustler has been finding ways to still perform, mainly in Atlanta and smaller towns with less restrictions. On how he’s kept so active, Boosie told me, “I can’t let this Corona stop me from feeding my family. I’ve got to protect myself as much as possible, but I’m out there, I’m still getting to it. I’m state to state.” 

Boosie’s favorite weed

Much like his music, Boosie’s love for cannabis is well-known. And in partnership with Black Bayou, Boosie is now choosing to express that love commercially. According to its website, Black Bayou is a Black-owned business operating out of Lakewood, Colorado that produces a line of vegan hemp products “for all the moments you want most.” 

“We got the gummies, we got the sex oil, we got the vape pens, we got stuff for anxiety, we got the best product. I’m the king of CBD cause my product is damn good, and it’s healthy. I’ve been trying to get into this CBD lane, I just needed to get with the people who had the best products and best facilities,” Boosie said of his product line.

In addition to CBD, we also talked about THC, how Boosie smokes an ounce per day, and why he loves to smoke weed. On the benefits of weed, Boosie shared, “I feel like weed keeps you out of trouble. If you smoke weed, it’s a different lifestyle. Most of the time with marijuana, you’re going to chill at the house. Or you’ll get high, or go [hang out with a woman].”

Here are 3 weed products that Boosie Badazz can’t live without.

Black Bayou Male Enhancer

Black produces two gender-specific sexual enhancement oils. If you’ve ever listened to “Nasty Nasty” or “Let Me Ease Ya Mind,” then it should come as no surprise that Boosie loves sex products, and swears by his own. “I rub it on my nuts,” he said of Black Bayou’s male enhancer. 


Past his male enhancer, for the most part, Boosie smokes flower and blunts exclusively. Backwoods are his preferred blunt wrap, and he fills them with an eighth every time.

Asked if he likes other methods of consumption, Boosie responded, “Nah, man. I had a bad experience in Cali with the dabs. I couldn’t stop coughing, I threw up and shit. I don’t like the edibles that much cause it has me stuck. I’m a busy person, I don’t like to be stuck.”

Exotic weed

If you ever need to know about Boosie and his favorite weed, just run “Weed Head X4” off his Talk Dat Shit album. Out the gate he lets you know he “be smoking on that pressure,” some good ass weed. What kind of good ass weed? “I smoke straight Exotic, I ain’t even gon’ lie. I smoke the Runtz, I smoke Gelato, I smoke the real ones. I’m smoking top notch weed. I’m smoking Cherry Runtz right now,” said the king of CBD.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s sativa, indica, or hybrid, Boosie is just chasing the best, most flavorful weed that will send him straight to Cloud 9. “It just really gotta be gas. I’ll smoke a sativa, it just has to be the real deal. I don’t smoke no deps, I don’t smoke no alright shit.”

Photo courtesy of Boosie. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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