13 weed-infused gifts for the edibles lover

Well, the holidays are here — and so is the second (or third?) wave of Covid. Like all things 2020, it’s going to be a strange season to navigate, with varying degrees of lockdown and travel advisories marring any plans you may have had.

And while everything about the holiday season doesn’t sparkle like tinsel, the dichotomy of familial obligations and nostalgic warmth makes this season what it is. This year, however, we’ll have to manifest that fuzzy feeling on our own. 

The key to this pandemic holiday is finding ways to foster that familial closeness despite physical distance. While there are a few ways to do this, like compulsive baking and blasting Mariah Carey, there’s no better way to spread cheer from afar than gifting edible cannabis.

While edibles tend to get a bad rep because of new users’ tendencies to over-medicate, they can actually be a fantastic way to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis. With developments like microdosing, nano THC (nano edibles hit in 15 minutes as opposed to 1 to 2 hours), and a massive expansion in the luxury edibles market, the genre has come a long way since the days of questionable dosages and pot brownie freak outs

Whether you’re shopping for a canna-curious relative, your stoner friend, or  yourself, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best, most unique, and future-forward edibles on the market. 

Pop-Up Potcorn 

Pop-Up PotcornPop-Up Potcorn

The savory treat we’ve all been waiting for, Pop-Up Potcorn features varieties of healthy popcorn infused with live resin. 

The brainchild of workers on a California cannabis farm, flavors like Jalapeno Cheddar, Movie Theater Butter and Sea Salt are available in 10 milligram THC personal bags, 100 milligram party bags, and microwavable options. Available in California

Sonder Space Crystals

The wife and wife team behind Sonder, a beautifully designed vape brand who grows their own weed at their Emerald Triangle farm, have blessed the world with the first weed pop rocks: Space Crystals. 

With their stunning design, fanciful flavors and 10 milligrams of nano-emulsified THC that hits almost immediately, this effervescent gift will make the season snap, crackle and pop. Available in California

Rose x Gossamer Turkish Delights

Rose x Gossamer Turkish DelightsRose Delights

One of the chicest edible brands in existence, Rose Delights, has teamed up with Gossamer, one of the chicest cannabis publications in existence, to bring us the apex of giftable weed: the Rose x Gossamer Turkish Delights. 

Created by Chef Tara Thomas, these divine Turkish Delights feature locally sourced ingredients like dry-farmed tomatoes and Sweet Crimson watermelon infused with Magic Melon flower rosin. Available in California

Platinum Baked Apple Gummies

Conjure your grandma’s homemade apple pie with Platinum Vape‘s Baked Apple Gummies. Sweet, spiced, and 10 milligrams each, these gummy coins bring the comforts of home — and the high. Available in California and Oklahoma.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Chocolate Bars

Papa & Barkley Releaf Chocolate BarsPapa & Barkley

Known for their popular topicals, Papa & Barkley has upped the ante with their new line of uber relaxing chocolate bars. Silky and decadent with a high to match, Releaf Chocolates are available in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, and are infused with 5 milligrams of whole plant rosin per serving. Available in California.

Mellow Ice Cream 

One of the only good things to happen in 2020, Mellow Ice Cream is a new California brand featuring THC and CBD infused ice creams. These masterfully formulated flavors not only taste like your childhood favorites, but will make you feel like a kid again, too. Available in California.

Citrus Spice Deli Nickels Gummy Rounds

Citrus Spice DELI Nickels Gummy RoundsDELI

This seasonal flavor of 5 milligram THC gummies from Caliva features a tart, enticing burst of blood orange and a sativa-leaning high that leaves you, in a word, chipper. 

10/10 would recommend for spreading holiday cheer — remotely, of course. Available in California.

La Familia Churro Crispies

Churro Crispies are a unique and fabulous treat from the first Mexican-owned California edibles brand, La Familia. At 10 milligrams each, these churro-flavored rice crispy balls are the closest thing you can get to a perfectly executed street churro, if said churro also got you perfectly stoned. Available in California

Hervé Macarons 

Hervé Macarons

A defining new brand in the luxury edibles market, Nevada’s Hervé specializes in 10 milligram French macarons that rival even the fanciest bakery. 

Beautifully executed with a social high, these are a perfect gift for the canna-curious — and highly refined — human in your life. Available in Nevada

Lost Farm Single Strain Gummies 

A new brand from Kiva, Lost Farm features strain-specific live resin gummies. Delicious, potent, and fun as fuck, these 10 milligram gummies will turn even the bleakest holiday into the kind of party we used to take for granted. Available in California

1906 New Highs LOVE Chocolates

1906 New Highs LOVE Chocolates1906 New Highs

If you’re lucky enough to be locked down with a significant other this winter, look no further than 1906 New Highs‘ LOVE chocolates to make the season bright. Packed with 5 milligrams of Blue Dream cannabis and arousing botanicals, these can steam up even the coldest nights. Available in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Madame Munchie Macarons

With their potent dosage of 40 milligrams of THC, fun seasonal flavors, and epic brand story, Madame Munchie‘s French macarons exist on the super stoner end of the infused macaron spectrum. 

Not only does this woman and queer-owned brand grow all their own weed, but their all-women team works tirelessly to make everything by hand. A perfect present for your favorite super toker from a DIY brand you can feel good supporting. Available in California

Lifted Made Delta-8 THC gummies

Lifted Made Delta-8 THC gummiesUrb

Urb’s Delta-8 Gummies by Lifted Made are indicative of a growing trend in cannabis where cannabinoids other than CBD and THC are featured in products. While similar to THC — technically called Delta-9 THC — Delta-8 THC is lauded for its clear, focused high, free from the anxiety that often plagues typical THC. 

Great for handling whatever this season may bring, these gummies have a unique trip that is alert, productive, and above all else, merry! Available in California.

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