13 best TV shows to watch high

You know the routine: your stone zone is prepped and ready, your munchies are playing on your salivary glands, and you’re either in your comfy pants or pantsless altogether.

The only thing missing is a non-committal program to dissolve into, but perhaps the infinite content of your multiple — and sometimes redundant — streaming services is too much of a vibe crusher, and your perfectly curated stoner energy is too sweet to disrupt with the frustration of scrolling. As stoners who also like to watch but hate to scroll, we have your back.

We rounded up some of our favorite shows to smoke with, including laugh-out-loud comedies, powerhouse action fantasies, and even a couple of unobtrusive wildcards that appeal to pretty much everyone. We even took the liberty of rounding up our favorite cultivars to support your binge-watching. 


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The Vince Staples Show 

Fans of Vince Staples‘ music may not already be aware of the Long Beach, CA rapper’s notoriously dry sense of humor. In his debut Netflix sitcom, that humor is whittled to a fine point, with a tone that takes influence from comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm with its singular POV  or Atlanta with hyper-realistic situations that flirt with the absurd and surreal. A must for both rap enthusiasts, Long Beach denizens, and comedy nerds.

Watch: The Vince Staples Show on Netflix

Strain pairing: 24k Blue Dream — expect a euphoric, chilled-out head high with sparkling body effects and a fruity, grassy exhale.


The familiar slapstick stoner sensibility of Seth Macfarlane’s prequel to his popular Ted movie franchise will delight fans of the fantasy fable, wherein a boy’s stuffed teddy bear comes to life, becoming his lifelong BFF — and foul-mouthed, ID-coded, sesh partner. 

For folks who appreciate the very specific comedy of the Macfarlane universe, this will probably be your stoner masterpiece.

Watch: Ted on Amazon Prime

Strain pairing: Alien Rock Candy — expect a sedative head high with a cashmere body buzz, and a lemony-sweet exhale.

After Midnight

Deep cable comedy classic @Midnight has thankfully been rebooted with new host Taylor Thomlinson and a decidedly more diverse slate of competing comedians, altogether delivering an updated version that is arguably more bingeable than the “boy’s club showcase” that preceded it. Plus, many of the favorite competitors have returned, making it a feel-good affair that also brings the lols.

Watch: After Midnight on Paramount+

Strain pairing: Zookeeper — expect a giggly head high, a cool, relaxed body buzz, and an earthy, botanical exhale.  

Girls 5Eva

When your Y2K nostalgia begins to creep in, Tina Fey’s joint Girls 5Eva is a salve that parodies the unhinged media consumption that would define the 2000s era. To a generation of women, this is the anthemic redemption of the feminine lens, which was more of a funhouse mirror back in the early aughts. The whole series transmutes female marginalization into empowerment while delivering bops that are both hilarious and deeply relatable. 

Watch: Girls 5Eva on Netflix

Strain pairing: Ice Cream Cake — expect a deep body stone and sparkling euphoria in the head. Reported flavors include sweet cream and berries.

Think Pieces

Twp bongs on tray on top of couchGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Palm Royale

Watchers who appreciate a good period piece will devour this steamy (and funny) tale of 1960s Palm Beach resort club society; the fashions alone are worth the price of admission. 

In this adaptation of the 2018 novel Mr. & Mrs. American Pie by Juliet McDaniel, Kristen Wig’s character, Maxine, attempts to infiltrate the exclusive Palm Royale Country Club, while a star-studded supporting cast makes every episode its own event.

Watch: Palm Royale on AppleTV

Strain pairing: Glass Slipper — expect a happy, uplifted head high and a syrupy body buzz. Reported flavor is mainly sweet berries.

Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon

George RR Martin fans and beyond, I see you shiver with anticipation. We are all rabidly awaiting the newest chapters in the House of The Dragon series, a prequel to the runaway hit Game of Thrones

Watch: Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon on HBOMax

Strain pairing: Hindu Kush — expect a blissed-out body high and an introspective head high. Aromas reportedly include sweet pine and wet wood.

X-Men 97

Another blast of nostalgia comes courtesy of everyone’s favorite mutant superhumans: the X-Men. This contemporary take embraces the original series while presenting something uniquely relevant to our current era — which is poetic, considering the source material for the original comics. Bottom line: stoned or nah, this new generation of X-Men is what we want and deserve.

Watch: X-Men 97 on Disney+

Strain pairing: Green Chem — expect a velvety body stone, hazy head high, and a pine-citrus exhale.

The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie’s action-comedy vibes might be overwhelming via film, but in The Gentlemen, a series that sees a retired army officer inherit a dukedom and a weed operation, that signature manic energy is broken up into bite-sized episodes perfect for streaming or savoring. 

Watch: The Gentlemen on Netflix

Strain pairing: Northern Lights — expect weightless relaxation in the body, a sparkling head high, and a flowery, herbal exhale.

Feud: Capote vs The Swans

Another period piece that’s a feast for the eyes is Ryan Murphy’s second iteration of his semi-biographical series Feud. This time around, it features iconic LGBTQ author Truman Capote and his circle of elite New York society wives nicknamed “The Swans.” The fashion, art, and interior designs drift from midcentury elegance to the decadence of the 80s, making the show watchable as a style board and as top-shelf petty, queer drama.

Watch: Feud on Hulu

Strain pairing: Royal Cookies — expect a sedative high with a light euphoria and a tropical berry exhale.

Reality Bites

Couple on couch watching TVGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Love is Blind

If unhinged dating reality shows are your bag, chances are, Love is Blind is already on your watchlist. Once billed as an experiment, this match game has since devolved into a cacophony of narcissism, delusion, and unapologetic thirst for clout. For enthusiasts of romantic dramatics, it’s unmatched. But for the particularly enthusiastic, do everyone a solid and keep your Twitter (X) opinions — and you will have them — to yourself post-viewing. 

Watch: Love is Blind on Netflix

Strain pairing: Vanilla Kush — expect a blissed-out, euphoric relaxation in both mind and body and a flowery vanilla exhale.

Love on the Spectrum

The best palette cleanser for the jaded dating show viewer is Love on the Spectrum, an inside look at how folks living on the neurodivergent spectrum find authentic, romantic connections. The show features storylines that resonate with more than just neurodiverse watchers, offering a lens into a lifestyle that, for many, can feel relatively inaccessible. 

Watch: Love on the Spectrum on Netflix

Strain pairing: The White — expect a soothing body high and a giggly attitude. Reported aromas include citrus and cheese.


Two people on couch watching tv - image taken from overheadGina Coleman/Weedmaps

A Real Bug’s Life

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Viewers enter nine different, complex micro-worlds populated by all manner of tiny creatures. This is the next best watch for stoners most likely to space out while staring into an aquarium. Bonus: Aquafina serves as narrator, and her voice sounds weedy AF.

Watch: A Real Bug’s Life on Disney+

Strain pairing: White Truffle — expect a romantic, euphoric buzz and a gassy, funky exhale.

The Cuphead Show

Based on a game, The Cuphead Show fully stands on its own as an age-appropriate cartoon that pothead parents can enjoy alongside their kiddos. The scene: Cuphead and his brother Mugman are siblings, drawn with a campy vintage aesthetic, searching for adventures on the Inkwell Isles. The tone can be a bit edgy, but chances are your kid is cool anyway.  

Watch: The Cuphead Show on Netflix

Strain pairing: Zaza — expect a blissful, relaxed buzz and a fruity, flowery exhale.

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