12 bong brands to watch in 2023

While 2023 is predicted to be the year infused pre-rolls and cannabis beverages make a splash, glass is definitely having its own moment. There have never been so many options for sleek, chic, durable, and straight-up fun bongs.

Here is a hand-picked sampler of bong brands to watch in 2023.

Best budget bong

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, no-muss affordable bong, LA Pipes has got you covered. It offers a wide variety of glass accessories, and the budget bongs are inexpensive with decent designs and eye appeal.

LA Pipes’ Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe is classic bong aesthetic at its finest and sells for $43.66.

Best splurge bong

The highly functional, sleek, and splurge-worthy bongs from Stündenglass double as nearly effortless gravity bongs, too.

The Gravity Infuser is available in a variety of colorways based on collabs with the likes of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, Cookies, and more. It can be used to infuse food and drink — or even be used as a hookah.

The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser sells for $599.

Best gravity bong

Speaking of gravity bongs, if you want the intersection of affordable and functional, look no further than one of the OG gravity bong brands, GRAV.

The Gravitron was one of the first all-glass gravity bongs on the market, and the brand’s upgraded the original design to improve functionality and durability. If you want the experience of a gravity bong without all the DIY, this one’s for you.

The Gravitron is available in large ($99) and medium ($79) sizes.

Best statement bong

What happens when a high-end fashion designer tackles cannabis accessories? Edie Parker Flower.

While there are several more affordable glass options in its collection, if you want to invest in a bong that will be a treasured keepsake for the rest of your damn life, look no further than EP’s collab with Brooklyn-based glass artist Paul Arnhold.

The Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Bong sells for $795.

Best ceramic bong

Those who love ceramic love it a lot. Whether it’s the distinctive look or the feel of it in your hands, ceramic bongs have a certain earthy appeal to them. If you want to go higher-end with a ceramic bong, Summerland has a modern and stylish collection to peruse. The Land Yacht Bong is perhaps the most eye-catching and sells for $250.


For a more affordable ceramic option, RYOT offers clean designs and durable construction — plus, these bongs come with cork seal lids so that you can close them up and move them around without the fear of putrid bong water spilling out.

The Ceramic Traveler Water Pipe sells for $100.

Best durable bong

Who amongst us has not broken a glass accessory at some time or another? It’s almost bound to happen, and it’s a bummer when it does. If you’re looking for a little more longevity from your bong, Eyce’s entire line has been developed with durability in mind. The bongs feature a cured silicone body designed to protect removable glass components — like the downstem — while boasting other smart features like a hidden storage container and a magnetic ring you can use to keep track of your lighter.

The Eyce Beaker goes for $69.99.


If you want to stick with the classic glass bong aesthetic while decreasing the chances of breakage, there are many bongs out there made with thicker-than-average glass for just this reason. Session Goods offers a sleek and modern model with a silicone footer that doubles as a slip guard and protection. It also includes a silicone mouth cover and cleaning caps with each bong.

The Session Goods Bong sells for $185.

Best portable bong

This bong from Puffco doubles as the best portable and sneaky bong on this list.

The Cupsy poses as a portable coffee cup, which makes it discreet and small enough to pop into a purse or backpack. The stainless steel cup is easy to clean, and the silicone lid hides a ceramic bowl.

The Puffco Cupsy sells for $59.99.

Best percolator bong

Percolator bongs (or percs) have added components in the tube or the base of the bong that diffuse smoke before inhalation, which makes hits smoother and easier to inhale. While percolators may sound like a new innovation in weed, they’ve been around forever and you can find them at a variety of price points.

Heir’s percolator bong features thoughtful design and durability while also being quite sleek. It even comes with a bong koozie for added protection.

The Heir Waterpipe sells for $220.


Vitae Glass may win the grand prize for the sheer variety of percolator styles it offers — UFO, jellyfish, or matrix, for example — plus, the modular design means you can stack perc on perc or build your own bong from the bottom up.

The Triple Honey Comb Bong sells for $229.

Best bong to smoke with your besties

If pulling rips with your bestie, lover, neighbor, or even your mom sounds like a good time, there’s a bong for that.

The Mav Bestie Bong has a beaker base and two mouthpieces for double the fun. It sells for $149.

Bottom line

In the modern age of cannabis consumption, classic glass pieces like the bong are staying strong. That means there are plenty of choices out there, with the opportunity to find a bong that meets your needs, budget, and aesthetic sensibility. Enjoy the process, and don’t forget to clean your bong regularly.

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