Joints vs Blunts, main differences

Identifying a Joint vs a Blunt

The Joint

Joints are a classic way of consuming cannabis, and they can be made in a few simple steps. Rolling up a joint requires thin rolling papers and marijuana; the standard joint is typically made with only around a third of a gram of weed but can be increased depending on the size of the paper used. There are many different kinds of rolling papers that can be utilized to create joints.

The rolling process itself involves adding weed onto the paper, folding it over and tucking in the edges before using your fingers or tools like a stick or pin to evenly distribute and shape the contents within the paper. Joints provide an effective way to consume cannabis as they burn evenly and thoroughly while producing a smooth and easy hit. Furthermore, they tend to travel well since they can be easily put out if needed and then re-lit at another time.

The Elements of a Joint

The main element of the course is ground cannabis. Sprinkled on the paper has been tightly rolled up. A specially crafted paper is used, such as hemp, rice, flax, or wood pulp. High-quality rolling papers come in various sizes and thicknesses that can accommodate various doses of the flower.

Nowadays, a wide range of sizes is available to the consumer to fit whatever density preference they have when rolling their joints. In addition to traditional rolling papers, there are more creative options, like flavoured wraps, pre-rolled cones, and even pre-rolled joint wraps. Joints can be further enhanced with added ingredients such as kief and concentrate for greater potency effects.

For those looking for something different than just plain paper or pre-rolls, there are also options like glass tips that can add an aesthetic touch to any joint. Whatever the choice may be when it comes to rolling a joint, many smokers opt for convenience over anything else and choose pre-made options like pre-rolled cones or wraps, which offer an easier way to create a perfect joint without having to go through the hassle of hand rolling one from scratch.

The Blunt

A blunt is a weed-filled inside a cigar wrap, aka a blunt wrap. It can be sold just as the wrap, or it can be removed from most cigars by cutting along the seam. The tobacco in the cigar is usually discarded. The term blunt comes from cities on the East Coast like New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore and may have started to disguise cannabis use against harsh prohibition laws.

The Elements of a Blunt

Blunts are typically rolled with tobacco leaf paper­– or for the real purist, with tobacco leaves– but there are now blunt wraps made with hemp paper for those who want the slower burning without the tobacco flavour and nicotine rush.

In general, though, you can buy blunt wraps at your local smoke shop or– in some states– at convenience stores. Those who prefer to do it themselves often buy cigarillos or small cigars, such as Phillies Blunts (hence the name), carefully empty out the tobacco and refill them with their favourite strain of bud.

Some DIYers who roll their own cigarettes or cigars have a very specific preference when it comes to the type of tobacco they use, as each variety has its own distinct flavour.

Choosing What’s Best for You

That’s right; it is a personal preference. The biggest difference between the two is the wrapper. Blunts have more of a tobacco flavour, so for those who prefer to keep tobacco out of the scenario, joints are their choice. Another difference is in the “draw.”

A blunt can be experienced as either a benefit or a negative, depending on your tolerance for and relationship to nicotine. Rolling tobacco is commonly used to make blunts, which means that the finished product will contain some amount of nicotine. Although this is nowhere near as intense as what you’d expect from a spliff – which typically contains half weed and half tobacco – it’s still present in the blunt. This can be an advantage for those who enjoy the sensation of smoking nicotine-infused products but may prove to be too heavy for other users.

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