Everything you need to know about the Dr Dabber Boost EVO

Electronic dab rig (e-rigs) meets water bong in this contemporary device that combines function and form for the best of many possible worlds. Dr Dabber is known for its line of high-tech cannabis concentrate vaporizers and accessories. The newly released Boost EVO is the evolution of the original 2015 Boost vaporizer — touted as the first portable electronic dab rig. 

Five years later, the Boost EVO combines proprietary technology, detail oriented design, and the familiarity of a water bong in one no-fuss dabbing machine. Overall it’s fun to use and would make a nice centerpiece for dabbing connoisseurs, or a worthwhile addition to any well-rounded collection of rigs. Read on and discover everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO. 

What is the Dr Dabber Boost EVO? 

The Boost EVO is a straightforward device used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. An internal chamber uses heat to vaporize the material which travels directly from the quartz vaporizing chamber through the glass water bong piece, with a carb button to control the airflow. 

The ergonomic design feels familiar and high-tech at the same time. It is small and compact and its easy to assemble parts fit together securely with high-powered magnets and snug fitting silicon for the glass piece. 

What’s included

  • Glass top 
  • Magnetic quick connector
  • Electronic base (contains magnetic heating chamber)
  • Charging cord
  • Dab tool 

How does the Dr Dabber Boost Evo work? 

This rig is easy enough for anyone to use while being unique enough to delight those who enjoy techie toys. Basic set up includes little more than adding some water to the glass piece, placing oil or other concentrate into the chamber, and snapping it together with the magnet quick connector. 

Once the temperature is set (more on that below) it takes around 10 – 15 seconds to heat up, indicated by red lights, before turning green when it’s time to puff. The carb button works just like any carb, allowing increased airflow. It stays hot enough to enjoy 2 – 3 substantial hits before cooling down, at which point you can initiate a new heating cycle or pause to re-load. 

The proprietary internal heat sensor keeps hits consistent within the set temperature, as opposed to just heating up and cooling down on a timer. This precision focused heat allows users to curate their hits at different temperatures to prioritize flavor and/or strength. Like any new tool, there is a learning curve, but overall it has an intuitive and easy to use feel. 

Setting up the Boost EVO

The customization comes into play with the settings and incorporates both form and function. The two main settings options are for heat, and the LED lightshow that Dr Dabber products are known for.

Heat settings

The Boost EVO heat settings range from 500 – 700°F with six options, each one increasing by 50 degrees. The settings are color coded, in order of increasing heat: violet, green, blue, turquoise, orange, and white. 

Clicking the main button three times takes you through the heat settings on a loop. The completely internalized heating chamber and auto shut off after 15 minutes means no risk of burning or overheating. 

Light settings 

There are five light settings, plus “stealth mode” which deactivates the extra LED lights for discretion, only displaying the color coordinated heat mode on the main button. The light settings are different rainbow tones that have a pretty and soft glowing movement. 

Clicking the main button two times changes the light modes, while four clicks takes you in or out of stealth mode. 

Charging, cleaning & storage for the Dabber Boost

The attention to detail within the device as a whole shows — every function is easy and convenient. Charging with the removable chord takes less than two hours and holds for about 60 heat cycles. One nice feature is that you can continue to use the device while it’s charging. 

Cleaning the device is also simple. Over time, the glass piece will need typical cleaning, but for the most part it stays clean as it is just for vapor passthrough and water, no primary material gets stuck on to the sides or bottom. The main chamber accumulates a small amount of residue that wipes off easily with a cotton swab. All in all it requires very low maintenance. 

Storing and schlepping the device is also pretty simple. The design itself is compact and sturdy, enough so that this piece could live on a mantle or coffee table without being in the way or in constant jeopardy of being knocked over. It comes in a lightweight case that protects the individual components for transporting or safekeeping. 

What’s the appeal? 

At $329.95 the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is not cheap, but also not astronomically priced for what it is. The design looks good and works well; it’s a streamlined luxury item that feels good to use and fits a contemporary lifestyle that is accustomed to technological conveniences. The sturdy and efficient hardware combines with the easy operation that provides consistent hits with plenty of room for customization and experimentation. 

If dabbing is something you want to — or already include — in your regular cannabis routine, this sleek, hassle-free rig could easily be your go-to device. 

Find the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO on drdabber.com

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