Best cannabis strains for January 2023

Best Cannabis Strains for the New Year

2022 is over. It is time to think about what is best for 2023. So, breathe in the new year and include some potent Indica or Sativa dominant strains (depending, of course, on your plans).

If you are interested in knowing about the best and most popular weed strains for 2023, read on. These strains will make sure that the beginning of 2023 starts off right.

The Top 8 Strains to Try in 2023

The attributes that put these strains at the top of the list include luxurious complexity, rich terpenes, and high potency.

  1. Mimosa X Orange Punch: This strain has a citrusy terpene profile and a powerful 30% THC count. Known for a high yield, this hybrid produces dense buds that are ready for harvest in just 60 days, delivering a fun and euphoric sensation with flavours of mandarin and orange.
  2. Apple Betty: This is one of the best strains for 2023. It is the straight up cannabis delight you’ve been looking for. With THC levels up to as high as 33%, this hybrid will have you sinking into euphoria. These delicious apple pie flavoured buds include hints of cinnamon and chocolate but savour each toke because it won’t take much to place you in a state of deep psychedelia
  3. Gorilla Cookies Auto: Gorilla Cookies Auto is an easy pick for this list. This hybrid is a cross between Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies, providing a mint cookie and lemon diesel flavour. You end up with a giggly relaxation from this well-balanced, high-yield, hybrid strain.
  4. Strawberry Gorilla Auto: This hybrid strain is a stand-out. It is sure to be one of the best hybrid strains of 2023. Its delicious strawberry flavour is packed with a 27% THC content. Once you try it, you’ll appreciate the intense happiness and relaxation that this strain provides.
  5. Sour Diesel Auto: This pungent Sativa dominant strain is exotic and one of the best in 2023. With its 25% THC content you can’t do any better for appetite stimulation and anxiety reduction. This is one heady hybrid that is sure to create a dreamy state of mind.
  6. G. Kush: This Indica-dominant strain is appreciated for its unique qualities. With a 75% Indica, 25% Sativa content, it produces a greater potency than most, yielding 19% to 27% THC content. For those looking for strong medical treatment, this strain delivers. It is recognizable for its earthy pine scent and sweet undertones, with notes of pepper, skunk, lemon, and herb.
  7. Girl Scout Cookies: It sounds innocent enough, but this hybrid of Indica and Sativa contains a powerful THC content of 22%, with effects that hit both mind and body. It balances a sweet cookie taste with earthy notes, providing a full flavour profile.
  8. Wedding Cake: The Wedding Cake strain is a favourite. It combines a variety of effects from a euphoric uplifting feeling to a relaxing buzz. Its trichomes cover it like the frosting on a wedding cake. This hybrid is an Indica dominant strain with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

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