How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

The world has conveniently moved on from
e-cigarettes with disposable batteries to ones with lithium-ion polymer
battery. The polymer batteries are rechargeable, making it handy for the
frequent vapers. Well, the manufacturers claim that the life of a battery is
about 300 charging cycles. But, have you noticed that the battery of your vape
does not last for long as it used to? Or maybe you want to extend the life of
your battery and improve its performance? Here are a few helpful and handy tips
to achieve an extended life of your vaporizer battery.

1. Turn it off immediately after using:

Like for any other device with a battery,
shutting your vape off immediately after use can save battery life. A majority
of new devices that are surfacing into the market have firing button locks
along with sleep mode. Although the sleep option is convenient for it instantly
wakes the vape, without making you wait. But, the sleep mode drains the battery
of your vape passively. The best way to ensure that the battery lasts longer is
by shutting it off completely when they are not in use, rather than putting it
on sleep.  

2. Store properly:

The way you store the batteries of a vape can have an impact on their lives. Keeping them out in the open in moisture, or the car on a sunny day, or even in cooler temperatures can take a toll on the performance of a battery. To keep them healthy and running for long, you need to make sure that you store them away from moisture and direct heat. You must keep them in a safe place to avoid mishap such as dropping and damaging them.             

3. Avoid overcharging:

The most common mistake that we tend to
make is leaving the battery charger plugged in throughout the night. Such
negligence can reduce its life. The similar concept holds when it comes to vape
batteries. By letting the battery charge through the night, you make it prone
to overheating and overcharging, which can lead to battery damage.

Hundreds of people are in the habit of
leaving their electricals on charge at night, even if their batteries are at
80% charge. If you are doing the same to your vape battery, you are ultimately
reducing its total capacity, which we often call “battery memory”. So, if you
don’t want your vape to last for lesser time, charge only when it reaches about

4. Use your pen regularly:

Just like a phone battery, the battery of your e-cigarette will thrive when you use it frequently. If you do not want your vape pen to get weak with time then you must ensure its regular use. If you keep it under use regularly, then there is no reason that your highs with this vape pen will be any lesser than the high from a solid strain. Although there can be plenty of things you can do while charging your vape, the best way to prolong the life of vape battery is by vaping frequently. In simpler terms, more puffs give it an increased lifespan. It doesn’t mean that you must vape endlessly, but just that you must keep the devices in use if you need the battery to its full course.

5.  Keep the battery clean:

The batteries in a vaporizer can get dirty with regular use. It takes continuous journeys in and out of your pocket, and then there are those dreadful e-liquid spills, making it into a grimy combination. E-liquid, e-juice or even vape liquid is the liquid that fuels your vape and gives you the high. The CBD vape oil that you use comes from plants which are grown from high-grade marijuana seeds.      

You can notice dust and other coverings
on the threads that connect the vape to the cartomizer or clogging the holes
under the threading. If you do, your vape might need a thorough cleaning. The
blockage can prevent your vape from working properly by making the battery work
harder than required and thus limiting its life. So, to keep it running well,
give the vape a good cleaning with a cotton swab.

6. Charge them before storing:

There can be times when you decide you
keep your vape away for a few weeks or maybe even months. Before you put your
e-cigarette away, make sure that you charge it to full. If you keep it without
full battery, it will drain slowly while the vape is in storage. So, the next
time you charge it before using, the battery will need to work harder to get
charged fully. Putting it through extra work can decrease the overall lifespan
of the battery, and you will need to replace the battery soon. Also, do not use
the battery to its full capacity, always charge when it reaches 30%

7. Remove the cartomizer:

The cartomizer includes the battery of an
e-cigarette, and it completes the circuit. Leaving the cartomizer for a long
period when the vape is not in use can cause the battery to drain passively.
So, if you think you are not going to use your vaping device for a while, make
sure you take out the cartomizer. It will save up on the battery and gives it a
longer life. 

8. Rotate the batteries:    

Well if you have more than one set of batteries with you, it is essential to put all of them to use regularly. Most people carry around a spare battery in case the first one runs out, but that hardly ever happens. So the spare one keeps traveling in your pocket or bag, without your actually using it. If you only use the extra battery in case of an emergency, you are unintentionally wearing it down. In order to keep all of your batteries in use, rotate them frequently.  

If you are a regular smoker, your vape is more like an investment. From picking the right vaping pen to a battery, and even the flavour of e-juice, you like to have the best. If you are spending plenty of time and effort in getting the right vape, you ought to make the most of it. By taking good care of the vape battery and the vaping pen itself, you can save a ton of money on replacing the batteries in the long run.

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The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity

Cannabis, although known to
produce a sedating effect, is also responsible for stimulating concentration.
Hence, it acts as a natural boost for the ones who struggle to stay focused. It
has been widely accepted by artists and sportspersons to increase their
attentiveness towards their work.

How Does Cannabis Stimulate Focus and Concentration?

While there are other methods to preserve concentration, people tend to prefer a more natural way of doing so. Thus, cannabis enters the picture to save the day. Although research in this field is slower than in other fields related to cannabis, people are undertaking their projects to find out more. Researchers at the University of Georgia have attested that marijuana helps drivers drive better. This can be translated directly as a testimony to the fact that weed does help one focus better.

According to an interview given to Civilized, Andrew Mack, founder of OLO,  said marijuana or weed, if taken in proper doses, can increase focus. In the required strains of cannabis, CBD dominates to control the effects of THC. CBD comes in different forms such lotions, lip balms, etc and has numerous health benefits such as cbd lotion for back pain, arthritis and treating anxiety.

Further, the amalgamation of cannabinoids and terpenes works to reduce the effects of psychoactive elements, thus activating creative energy. With the distracting effects in control, people can delve into their work with ample focus and concentration.

There exist plenty of
cannabis strains that can influence creativity. A few of those are listed

Sour Diesel

Cannabis Strains for Valentine's Day

Sour Diesel is a combination of two separate genetics, Sativa and Indica, in a seven is to three (7:3) ratio. This comes from four variants of marijuana: Northern Light, Shiva, Original Diesel, and Hawaiian. As a result, strains containing 19% of THC, besides moderate levels of CBD finds usage. The user does enter a high state but with succinct clarity. All distractive patterns usually observed under the influence of psychoactive elements in marijuana disappear to replace it with a surge of creative energy within the user. There are no trippy thoughts and actions. In fact, the person tends to be more aware of even the tiniest detail around him or her.

OG Kush

cannabis strains to relieve pain

As opposed to the previous candidate, OG Kush contains Indica and Sativa in a three to two (3:2) ratio. Bred from three classic permutations of the cannabis plant- Chem Dawg, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai, it achieves a high state that induces calm and relaxation in a user. In spite of the 75% of Indica that is usually associated with psychoactive behavior, it succeeds in entering this list of artistic preferences. Further, 19% THC and an average amount of CBD makes the effect faster and retains it for a longer time.

Green Punch

Punch is a derivative of two variants which also gives it its name: Green crack
and Purple Punch. These two alternatives donate their most dominating
properties to Green Punch, making it versatile. While Purple Punch is more of
Indica that works towards stoning a person, Green Crack is the alternative that
induces more energy and motivation. Hence, the amalgamation of these strains
produces a variation that can help one focus deeply, while also stimulating a
subtle feeling of high that brings patience and eases tension. The THC content
in this is 20%, making it more effective in allowing the flow of creative

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

A crossbreed of Lemon Skunk
and Shining Silver Haze, this strain shows characteristics only an avid smoker
can handle. This is clearly not for the newer ones who are simply trying a few
joints. Lemon Shining Silver Haze consists of 21% of THC, driven by Indica and
Sativa in a three is to two (3:2) ratio. This works wonders for analysts and
researchers who require concentration to sit and do their work for hours
together. In novices, however, the high state can go out of control and end up
stoning the person strongly.

Additional Marijuana Strains

While a few of the
dominating names in this field find a position here, there a few that deserve a
place in this article. A few more effective ones are as follows:

  1. Royal Jack Automatic
  2. Lamb’s Beard
  3. Durban Poison
  4. Chem Dawg
  5. Maui Waui

Where to Buy These Cannabis Strains?

Buying discounted sour diesel seeds has become way easier than what it used to be a few years back, owing to the legalization of the same in 33 states across America. Some people still feel skeptical and socially embarrassed about buying weed.  The reason behind this is the taboo associated with the same. This is where online shops come in handy. Online dispensaries, such as, have authentic authorization to sell marijuana in proper quantities.


Due to extensive research
and the willingness to accept the properties of marijuana in the medical
fraternity, the last few years have seen progress in this realm. Although this
particular portion of properties remains comparatively unscathed in terms of exploration,
there certainly exists a boost among the common men. People have shown interest
in this line of research, hence accepting change with open arms.

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Why is Cannabis Beneficial for Skincare?

Cannabis is having a significant moment right now, with many people embracing the substance. The plant comes in two types; Sativa and Indica. Each of these strains comes with different effects on the body and results in several health benefits. Sativa strains give an energizing experience while Indica strains provide deep relaxation.

More people are also turning to natural and
sustainable skincare products, due to the potential that cannabis has in
treating various skin conditions. As a result, numerous cannabis skincare
products like creams, salves, and lotions are taking the market by storm. 

But, why cannabis is becoming famous fast in
the beauty industry for use in skincare? Here are a few reasons that explain
its success.

Quick Cannabis Facts

a lot of mystery and misconception that surrounds the use of cannabis. Before
jumping into its role in the beauty industry, it’s vital to set the record

used in skincare products is non-psychoactive. Furthermore, using CBD in
skincare or other types of products is entirely legal. However, the CBD must
meet set standards. One such standard requires the CBD to contain 0.3% or less THC.

CBD has zero psychoactive effects on the body, you don’t run any risks like failing a drug test after using CBD
or CBD infused products as long as the concentration of THC is within the
required standards.

that aside, here are the reasons for the growing success of cannabis in the
beauty industry.

1. It Helps With Skin Irritation

skin is the body’s first line of defense. It comes in contact with various
contaminants, germs, and bacteria. Considering the substantial amounts of
irritants, it’s natural that your skin might feel itchy and have a rush
commonly known as skin irritation.

applied topically, cannabis offers localized relief from pain. It can also
reduce inflammation making it easier to deal with bug bites, skin abrasions,
and scratches. 

than using CBD creams to treat rashes and dry skin, the National Eczema
Association also found that CBD is effective in reducing
the symptoms and appearance of atopic dermatitis

2. It Helps With Skin Aging

though aging is inevitable, it’s possible to delay the signs of aging. People
spend substantially to prevent and eradicate wrinkles on the skin. CBD beauty
products seem to be a more affordable and effective way of delaying aging.

contains highly potent antioxidants that
are essential in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. These radicals help
to eliminate free radicals and prevent them from damaging key components of
youthful skin- collagen and elastin. This allows the user to keep a tight and
youthful appearance longer.

put, cannabis will not only help to keep your skin looking glamorous but also
keep it healthy.

3. Cannabis Can Combat Acne

is proving to be a nightmare both to victims and to experts. There are no
absolute acne treatments and no known causes as well. Finding an effective
treatment and routine is tricky and can be exhaustive.

offers a multi-pronged approach in the fight against acne. It contains
essential fatty acids that keep the skin hydrated and limit the loss of water
from the skin. The antibacterial
of cannabis help to fight infections that
could lead to flare-up and one of the leading contributors to acne. 

beauty brands that stock cannabis creams and skincare products also make sure
that cannabis skincare products are non-comedogenic. That means the cream or
product won’t clog the pores.

fact that cannabis is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as
aforementioned, also goes a long way to tame the aggressiveness of acne.

A study
also shows that CBD helps to regulate lipid production, which is essential in
combating excessively oily skin. All these factors combined provide a
comprehensive and practical solution for people suffering from acne. 

4. Fights Bacterial Skin Infection

so much exposure and limited protection from external elements, the skin is
susceptible to bacterial infections and other physical attacks. While cannabis
can’t help you fight off skin scrapes and cuts, it contains antimicrobial and
antibacterial properties that can help you fight skin infection.

recent study
on CBD, one of the primary compounds in cannabis found that it can provide
relief to numerous skin infections like impetigo, folliculitis, cellulitis, and
boils. What’s more, CBD was also found to kill certain bacteria that are
resistant to antibiotics.

study to prove that cannabis fights a bacterium
that causes difficult to treat infections called MRSA shows that the same
bacterium doesn’t respond to most antibiotics.

the prevention ability of CBD, it’s clear to see why most skincare brands would
be quick to add cannabis to its list of ingredients. After all, skin infections
can significantly affect appearance.

5. Boosts the Protective Shield

using cannabis-based skincare products can greatly curb skin deterioration.
Everyday factors like the sun, smoke, and other environmental pollutants affect
the skin cells and compromise the health and suppleness of the skin.

contains vitamins A and D. Both vitamins are vital to the health and wellbeing
of the skin. On the one hand, vitamin A protects the skin
against damage from the sun and slows down the process of aging. The same
vitamin also encourages healthy production of skin cells to replace the damaged
and old ones.

On the
other hand, vitamin D, which is commonly associated with bone health also has
plenty to do with the health of your skin. It prevents premature aging on the
skin and can also help with many skin conditions like skin dryness, itchiness,
and psoriasis.

sun is the primary source of vitamin D. However, exposing yourself to the sun
for too long can cause sunburn and increases the chances of skin cancer. With
the sufficiency of vitamin D levels in cannabis, it’s possible to improve the
levels of vitamin D in your body, without exposing yourself to the dangers of
staying under the sun for too long.


These are some of the benefits that come with using skincare products containing CBD.  From the above list, it’s clear why cannabis skincare products are experiencing an upsurge. Given the numerous benefits that cannabis provides to the skin, it’s understandable why more people are turning to cannabis and realizing that growing marijuana is a good idea after all.

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Cannabis Industry: A Giant Step Forward

The cannabis industry
took a giant step forward from an untracked black-market business to a legal
business generating billions of dollars in revenues. The cannabis industry’s
growth is poised solely to recapitulate, with expectations to double or maybe
tripled by 2025.

As more countries
legalize and other government debates following in the giant step forward of
the cannabis industry that exchange commission is expected to move to the legal
side. Cannabis have been in the marketed globally and became a spotlight
especially in well-ness category.

The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is
quite recognized for two principal classes of businesses. The cultivators,
which do the farming, and dispensaries, which do the trading and. However,
these are distant from the unique businesses operating in the cannabis
industry. The cannabis industry can broadly be broken down into two fields,
known as “Touch” and “No-Touch” businesses.

Many countries have
already legalized the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical
purposes. A giant step forward in the awareness of the plants benefits as
studies and research continues to grow.


Plant-touching (Touch)
companies do just as the title implies; these firms work with the cannabis
plant itself, either growing, distributing, processing or marketing it. These
tend to be the enterprises most people consider when they think of the cannabis
industry. Plant-touching businesses are regularly subjected to the most
stringent regulations covering the industry, and many must secure complex
licensing processes before they can roll the business.

  • Breeder

Breeders are focused on producing high-quality
cannabis seeds
.  Many breeders
are also at the vanguard of formulating new strains and experimenting with
plant characteristics. Many of these focal points are on the effects of the
strain on the consumer.

  • Cultivator

Cultivators are the industries that farm or cultivate the cannabis
plant itself. It’s a comparably a challenging sector to break into. In the
United States, most state laws require that cannabis be planted indoors
following a distinct set of conditions, meaning cultivators need to rent or
acquire a warehouse space and transform it to meet their requirements.a

Cultivation needs a lot of resources from grow lights and
environment control systems, and safety. Each country has its own licensure
process a cultivator must pass through before starting to grow. They tend to be
difficult and require a business plan, transparent financials, a floorplan of
the plant and more.

  • Extractor

Cannabis extractors select raw plant material and utilize it into
concentrates, such as oil. These concentrates are profoundly potent substances
that maintain the cannabinoids or compounds like THC and CBD.

Concentrates can either be used by consumers in a vaporizer or
sold to them for other purposes. However, many concentrates are traded to
value-added manufacturers that use the extracted element to create new
merchandises like edibles.

An extraction needs a vital upfront expenditure in the right
machinery and requires an intimate understanding of the different processes
used to extract cannabinoids from the plant material.

  • Manufacturer

Manufacturers carry the value-added processes that take cannabis
buds like banana kush and
concentrates. The cannabis, as raw materials will be transformed into various
products. For example, any consumable product, such as cookies, brownies or
gummy bears, was a component of a production method to infuse the goods with


No-Touch is ancillary
businesses in the cannabis industry wanted to continue the actual growth,
processing, and marketing of cannabis products. These businesses are commonly
associated with rendering a product or service to the cannabis industry but are
not directly associated with the cannabis plant itself.

These are suppliers of
growing supplies, packaging, marketing, legal services, etc. These include data
platforms, agricultural technology companies, point-of-sale systems, payment processors, digital marketers, attorneys, accountants
and more. They are the equivalent classifications of companies needed to
support business processes in any other industry.

  • Digital Marketers

Digital marketers can practice in marketing for cannabis
industries in world wide web. The key is completely researching cannabis and
the industry, joining in one of the various cannabis-specific commerce organizations
or networking groups, and setting a firm as a knowledge director in the
cannabis network.

  • Ancillary Service Provider

Ancillary businesses are the broad variety of partnerships
providing business to business services to other firms in the cannabis industry. The exceptional point about starting an ancillary business in
cannabis is it enables a company to turn any existing skillset and expertise
into a green and rapidly taking a giant step forward in the cannabis industry.

Side Notes

Also,There are
laboratories directed on product testing, value-added producers creating
products like edibles and concentrates, industry-specific information
platforms, and an invocation of professionals from lawyers to traders. Although
the cannabis industry is presently growing, it’s still young to take a giant
step forward.

About The Author:
Mikaela Smith is a young Chemical Engineer and an active advocate for medical cannabis raising awareness. A researcher by day and writer at night. After years of collecting information from hundreds of cannabis experts and institution. She wants to inspire others how we could see the world as haven as she found the safest, most effective relief and hope in medical cannabis.

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Medical Marijuana for Postpartum Depression

Medical Marijuana
is slowly reaching people far and wide. The natural compounds derived from
Cannabis are gaining popularity across the world. The cannabinoids and terpenes
are the reason behind the various properties and benefits associated with
cannabis. Today we extract these substances separately to offer different types
of treatments and benefits to people. The two compounds, THC and CBD interact
with the body differently to make sure you receive various health benefits and
good treatments for various ailments. These ailments can be both physical and
mental health problems, and medical marijuana is understudy to prove its
efficiency towards curing them.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Motherhood is a blissful phase of life that is equally overwhelming. The transition that our bodies go through during and after the pregnancy is a lot to understand and accept. While celebrations are extended to embrace the joy of bringing a new life into this world, the mother goes through a tough phase in adapting to the new life. Every mother goes through the “baby blues” phase either during or after the pregnancy. However, the extent by which this affects the mother’s health and whether they overcome this feeling depends on their treatment methods and mental health.

cannabis and post postpartum depression

Studies show that almost one out of seven
women go through postpartum depression. Postpartum depression refers to a
depressive psychotic disorder that occurs within the first few months of giving
birth. There are no hard reasons behind what could cause it, although the
fluctuation of hormones during this period is usually posed as the culprit.
Mood swings, anxiety, depressive thoughts, erratic behavior, sleep issues are common
signs observed in women suffering from PPD. Loss of Appetite, suicidal
thoughts, fear of not bonding with the baby, feelings of anger and frustration
are also observed in some women during this time. If such signs exist in new
mothers longer than a month post-birth, then chances are that they might be
suffering from Postpartum Depression.

Current Treatment Methods

PPD is not a new
term in the medical community. But, only a few women approach for treatments
due to lack of diagnosis and social stigma about not being a good mother. In
most cases, physicians prescribe Xanax, Prozac, Ambien, Ativan, and Valium.
These drugs aim at coping with depressive thoughts and anxiety and encourage
sleep. But these drugs also come with a long list of side effects including
irritability, cognitive impairment, and blurred vision. They also pose a risk
of addiction or dependency among women. With such incompetent solutions to
solve such a common problem, people around the world have been seeking help
from the miracle drug of the medical industry, Marijuana.

Marijuana – Effective and Safe Treatment for Depression  

Cannabis has been a
recent rage in the medical community to treat mental ailments. Depression and anxiety are among the most
common mental disorders faced by people. Some suffer from these issues, even
for a lifetime. It not only affects their mental health but could also have a
toll on their physical health, and overall well being. Currently, there are
various pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for managing these issues. Yet a common
problem among these drugs is the embedded side effects that include sleepiness,
sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and the threat of addiction.

A study conducted in 2014 was among the first
few to initiate the use of cannabis to treat depression and anxiety.  CBD, an active ingredient in cannabis can
help bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, which are a part of the
endocannabinoid system. They enhance the functioning of various organs and help
balance hormone levels, thus increasing serotonin levels in the brain. This
creates a sense of euphoria and calmness in individuals and helps in their
emotional well being.

cannabis and post postpartum depression

A study in 2018 supported the same with evidence
after tests on animals. Long-term usage showed that the compounds in Medical
Marijuana were capable of reducing stress levels and acting as an efficient
anti-depressant. Thus CBD can efficiently help in treating anxiety and
depression in the body naturally.

Also, for new
mothers, the imbalance in estrogen and progesterone levels in the body cause
mood swings. This leads to low anandamide levels in the body. The drop in
levels of this “bliss ” compounds in the body leads to feeling numb,
dull, and sad. Apart from CBD, the THC or the psychoactive compound in
marijuana is also efficient in interacting with the body. Its chemical
structure is similar to those of anandamide, and thus it duplicates the levels
of this compound in the body by interacting with the receptors.

CBD and THC work in unison in the body for new mothers to ensure they curb depression. While THC replaces and takes up the functions of anandamide, CBD helps to preserve the natural levels of anandamide. Cannabis from high-quality marijuana seeds can thus help mothers suffering from PPD to battle and overcome the same.

Medical Marijuana
for Stress and Anxiety

While the use of treating postpartum among women could be new, medical marijuana has been becoming popular among women groups for various reasons now. Marijuana has been proven efficient for treating anxiety disorders. A study published in the Journal of affective disorders suggests that smoking cannabis can help reduce stress levels and also help cope with anxiety and depression. It balances the chemicals in the body to create a sense of euphoria.  More women are trying to use this plant to treat common problems such as mood swings and insomnia which is also common during PPD. Certain THC dominant varieties also relax your sore muscles and body to help achieve a good night`s sleep. Cannabis is also known for causing  “munchies” or for enhancing appetite. This could be useful for women who are suffering from the loss of appetite during this period. There are various trusted online sources like FairCannaCare that can cater to you with high-quality marijuana products for therapeutic use.

Breastfeeding and
Medical Marijuana Usage  

One of the impending questions among new mothers about marijuana usage is its effect on breastfeeding. Doctors even double-check before prescribing general medications to mothers who are breastfeeding to ensure there is no effect on the baby. Although there is a stigma around the usage of marijuana during breastfeeding, there is no hard evidence to prove if this could have any potential side effects. There are studies in progress to know if marijuana usage is safe during this time. Yet, the absence of conclusive evidence to prove either point means one might need to wait it out till science proves anything further. For mothers who are not breastfeeding, marijuana could be the best solution to treat postpartum depression naturally without having to worry about side effects.

Currently, there are various ways of using medical marijuana to treat PPD. Marijuana edibles, drinks, or even raw seeds are available at dispensaries in legalized states. Apart from these, CBD oil-based products are also becoming popular, which can also be efficiently used by new mothers. Medical marijuana could be the miracle that mothers can use to enjoy the bliss of childbirth with ease and comfort.

If you are a mother going through postpartum depression, or if anything feels off during or after your pregnancy, please do not be afraid to seek help. Whether you wish to use medical marijuana or an alternative option, it is best to speak with your doctor.

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White Zombie


Bud Size: Small – Medium 
Texture: Normal
Flavours: Sweet/Pungent/Earthy

White Zombie is a potent hybrid strain with cerebrally-focused effects conducive for creative endeavours and stress relief. While this strain likely contains some Zombie OG genetics, it’s also possible that White Zombie’s maker was just a diehard Rob Zombie fan. Its euphoric and relaxing effects make it a perfect remedy for anxiety and depression, but come prepared with enough lazy activities: the psychoactivity of this strain is long-lasting.

Hemp Oil to Nourish You Inside and Out

Hemp is a sub-strain of cannabis sativa that has low THC levels (the psychoactive component in cannabis plants) and creates supplement rich seeds. Hemp seeds may begin from cannabis plants, yet you won’t encounter any psychoactive impacts from ingesting hemp seed oil.

Now and then alluded to as hemp oil, the hemp
seed oil is made by extracting the liquid from hemp seeds into a grungy oil
that is generally light or dim green in appearance. This oil can be utilized in
an assortment of ways and may work to improve in general wellbeing. A few
people eat hemp seeds entire, while others lean toward taking hemp seed oil so
as to pick up its conceivable medical advantages. Here, we will be discussing
some of the amazing benefits that hemp oil can bring to your life.


A standout amongst the most well-known focal
points related to hemp seed oil is its skin benefits. Hemp seeds contain a
bounty of fundamental unsaturated fats that may help lighten dry skin,
dermatitis, and other skin disturbances. Hemp seed oil attempts to lessen
disturbance when connected topically to the skin in light of supplements like
linoleic corrosive that empower skin cell age and fix. These sustaining parts
are likewise in charge of the capacity of hemp oil to saturate the skin without
obstructing pores. Along these lines, hemp seed oil can be utilized to lighten
skin break out inclined skin by directing its oil generation and diminishing
the opportunity of stopped up pores. Hemp oil can likewise be ingested for skin
based medical advantages because of gamma-linolenic corrosive (GLA) that guide
with irritation and skin development.

Photo by Michael Fischer

Pain and Muscle Soother

Numerous individuals use hemp oil as a type of
regular help with discomfort, particularly if the pain is an after effect of
inflammation. The individuals who would prefer not to assume control
over-the-counter or solution pain meds may swing to top-notch hemp oil for

Full-range hemp oil that contains CBD may likewise help with general pressure and strain in the muscles. Like unsaturated fats, CBD has a calming impact on the body, which may help ease the pressure that numerous individuals convey from pressure and advance recuperation from exercise. Scouring a touch of hemp seed oil or full-range hemp oil into tight muscles may help discharge pressure and loosen up them. Cannabis has been utilized since forever for its agony alleviating characteristics. Pain can have an assortment of sources, however, one guilty party in the body is an inflammation, which can strike joints, muscles, and tissues. The research proposes that the cannabinoids in full range hemp oil can cool the impacts of impermanent aggravation, giving welcome help. The properties of hemp oil also make it possible to heal tonsillitis. Wondering what do tonsils look like? Well, refer to the image below and completely unclog them with just a little bit of hemp oil.

A 2018 survey takes note of that CBD, one of
the primary mixes in full-range hemp oil, and different cannabinoids show
guarantee for the treatment of numerous sorts of torment. In any case, the vast
majority of the exploration to date is on mice. While the ebb and flow look into
proposes that CBD and  might be a useful
characteristic treatment for torment, increasingly human examinations could
give these outcomes greater believability.

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It Helps Your Brain

The unsaturated fat substance of this oil
could likewise be useful for the mind, which requires a lot of stimulating fats
to work appropriately. It is likewise wealthy in different exacerbates which
can assist in securing the cerebrum.

A current report that consisted of
experiments noted the seed extricate containing these dynamic mixes had the
option to help secure the cerebrum against irritation. The creators found out
that there is an abundance of polyphenols, that could assume a job in securing
the mind. Despite the fact that these underlying outcomes look encouraging,
researchers need a complete examination in people to affirm the advantages
pertaining to hemp oil.

An experiment on rodents a few years
ago demonstrated that hemp averted the advancement of a social acknowledgment
deficiency, something that is typical in patients with Alzheimer’s illness.
Although that is the case, more research is expected to approve and validate
these discoveries in people.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

CBD is additionally a strong cell
reinforcement, which implies it shields people from extreme harm and it is believed
to show stimulant, hostile to queasiness, gut-defensive, and insusceptible
framework adjusting impacts. Be that as it may, once more, more research should
be done in every one of these territories.

Vast scale reviews demonstrate that up to 33%
of the populace will encounter an uneasiness related confusion eventually in
their lives. Be that as it may, regular pressure is significantly progressively
normal. Between juggling work, due dates and home requests, sentiments of
stress and nervousness pursue before long. Talking about stress and
anxiety,  reviews shows CBD oil works
well in pain management and treatment.

Luckily, there have been demonstrations that prove the cannabinoids found in hemp oil can help. One survey that was mainly concentrated on military veterans indicated benefits that ran from decreased levels of tension to improved adapting capacity. In another examination, cannabidiol (CBD) was found to help lessen cortisol generation in the body, accordingly soothing the impacts of pressure. Ontario cannabis is generally known to be pretty relaxing. Maybe that is worth a shot too.

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Incredible for Your Heart

Heart-related illnesses are the primary source
of death around the world. Strikingly, eating hemp seeds may diminish your
danger of coronary illness. The thorough supplement availability of this oil
implies that it might likewise be useful when it comes to coronary issues. In
any case, a significant part of the data that is right now accessible
originates from more established examinations or studies which utilize creature

A more established investigation features the supplement availability in regard to seeds and it was found to positively affect different medical problems, for example, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and the blocking of arteries. An audit from five years ago reasons that an expansion of alpha-linolenic corrosive, which is among the unsaturated fats in this product, seems to lessen the danger of cardiovascular ailment. This unsaturated fat, which specialists call linolenic corrosive, is additionally found to be a part of flax seed oil. In any case, the specialists call for progressively clinical preliminaries to affirm these outcomes. Hemp oil is generally available at the best online dispensaries Canada, so it is quite easily accessible.

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Top 4 Clinical Applications Of Medical Marijuana

With ongoing debates about nationwide
marijuana legalization, and the increasing number of states that are now
permitting its consumption, you may no longer need to fear drug tests. Though
until legislation is passed to make recreational marijuana legal, we suggest
you stick to your detoxification routines to
get weed out of your system

before the big day.

The use of medical marijuana is
currently more common than the recreational application of the drug. There is a
very good reason for that. Marijuana and its byproducts are being incorporated
into the world of medicine and extensive research, at least as extensive as
could be done with all the legal restrictions around its possession, has been
put into discovering the many uses of the drug.

At the moment, marijuana and its byproducts are being used in 4 main areas. They are as following:

Multiple Sclerosis and Marijuana

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease which attacks your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Although the disease doesn’t have a cure, its progression has been successfully slowed down through the treatment. Multiple Sclerosis is basically caused by an overactive immune system which starts to attack cells in the body including brain cells, cells in the spinal cord, or optical nerves that make up the central nervous system. This then results in a wide range of symptoms and some are debilitating to the health of the affected.

Most medical research focuses on two chemicals that marijuana contains
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Of the two, THC is
responsible for the “high” that marijuana gives, it also helps reduce nausea,
increase appetite and the ability control muscles. CBD, on the other hand, does
not have any psychoactive effects, but does help in the treatment of mental
health conditions and epileptic seizures.

Through experimentation and trials, it has been proven that medical marijuana can reduce muscle stiffness and spasticity and also alleviate pain in patients.

Cancer Treatment and Marijuana

Although marijuana does not significantly help in the treatment of
cancer itself, and limited studies have shown that it only slows down and very
rarely causes the death of cancer cells, its use is quite popular in the
treatment of certain side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and loss of

The chemical THC found in marijuana is known to quell
chemotherapy-induced vomiting in patients. Its consumption also showed a
drastic improvement in the amount of food cancer patients were consuming while
undergoing the treatment. Cannabinoids are also used to relieve pain that
patients endure as a result of their ailment.

Research into the use of marijuana to cure cancer has been conducted and more are planned for the near future. But thus far, the only result seen is that marijuana is safe to use for cancer patients and doesn’t do much to cure the condition itself, hang near negligible effects on it.

Seizure Disorders and Marijuana

Medical marijuana is not often clinically prescribed for the
treatment of seizure disorders such as epilepsy. Despite this, it is being used
increasingly as an alternative to AED drugs that are the preferred treatment in
such cases. Resistance to antiseizure drugs has become more common and is the
leading cause of the popularity that medicines containing CBD have garnered in
the past years. People have turned to marijuana assuming that it, being more
natural, is safer than AED.

A lot of the research conducted on the relationship between marijuana consumption and seizures was conducted before the 1990s and, although the results showed promising drops in the number of seizures users had, the trials still faced criticism. As a result, their findings were called into question because of the sample size they used. Even though a lot of patients and parents of children who have challenging forms of epilepsy swear by its effectiveness, it still isn’t an FDA approved treatment because the long term side effects of marijuana and its byproducts haven’t been discovered.

Crohn’s Disease and Marijuana:

Crohn’s Disease is of inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) where the body’s immune system attacks cells of the gastrointestinal tract. This results in inflammation of the tract and other symptoms arise from this. Cannabinoids are assumed by many to relieve this inflammation and hence counter the other symptoms. It is also used for the relief of pain that the symptoms of the disease cause.

As in the case of other common uses of medicinal marijuana, there is little evidence to back its effectiveness in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease too.

Medicinal marijuana is very
promising for the treatment of many conditions that can’t be treated otherwise.
But research into this is fettered by the countless amount of restrictions that
have been placed on its use and production in the many parts of the world. So
until there can be freedom to explore its efficacy, we shouldn’t rule it out as
a possible alternative to more rigorous treatments.

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Medical Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder: What Science Says

Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder

A lot of patients suffering from different diseases benefit significantly from using marijuana, especially from high-quality cannabis, which you can get from a licensed online dispensary in Canada. So, does cannabis help with bipolar disorder too, or does it worsen it? Keep reading to find out. Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs, and almost 70 percent of people with bipolar disorder use marijuana at some point in their lives.

A study conducted in 2015 at Lancaster University in the UK shows that some signs of bipolar disorder such as mania and depression become even worse if you use marijuana when experiencing them. Researchers went through reports of 24 bipolar patients who had received prescribed medical marijuana from physicians for at least three times a week.

Participants were to record their mood during the treatment period to reduce bias in their memory. When researchers analysed the diary entries of the patients, they found out that even though you can associate cannabis with positive emotions, when these patients used it, marijuana increased their manic and depressive symptoms.

However, results from this study were not universal enough as the researchers did it using a few patients and did not include any control group. Furthermore, the patients used in this study weren’t going through manic or depressive episodes when they took marijuana. Also, this study didn’t consider dose amounts and delivery methods of marijuana that could help in changing the final results.

Another research done at the University of Newcastle shows that quality marijuana, which you can get in the best CBD gummies has therapeutic potential and helps in pain management as well, which means it can help in treating bipolar disorder. However, findings from this study needs more investigation to determine how different bipolar patients respond to cannabis use and also consider how complex their bipolar disease is.

What New Studies Show

Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder

The American scientists recently published a study that investigated how marijuana impacts the mood of different bipolar patients and whether cannabis has additional adverse effects on cognitive function.

During this study, researchers observed how marijuana influenced the mood of bipolar disorder patients. Researchers divided patients into four groups: 18 patients who didn’t use cannabis, 12 patients who did, 23 marijuana users without another Axis 1 pathology and 21 participants of the control group who were very healthy. All participants of this study were supposed to rate their mood thrice every day, and after every time they used marijuana for four weeks.

Researchers revealed that the patients who used cannabis experienced a certain degree of cognitive impairment when compared to participants in the control group. However, the bipolar patients who used marijuana, and the participants who didn’t use cannabis did not experience any changes in their mood states.

Also, bipolar patients who used marijuana reported that using cannabis sativa helped them to improve their mood. Researchers explained this change in mood as a partial elevation of the symptoms of bipolar that didn’t cause any additional cognitive impairment.

Even though this study shows auspicious results in using marijuana to treat bipolar disorder, more research is needed to show researchers a bigger picture of the effects of cannabis on bipolar disorder.

Marijuana users who quit smoking cannabis or reduce the amounts they use after their first psychotic episode observe a significant improvement in their bipolar disorder symptoms. This improvement happens after one year compared to those who continue using marijuana. Using cannabis for long can lead to adverse effects in the long run, especially on the clinical outcomes for people with bipolar spectrum disorders.

Cannabis users who smoke marijuana regularly have lower bipolar remission rates compared to those who don’t use it. People with bipolar disorders and use marijuana don’t do well in the long run compared to other bipolar patients who don’t use marijuana.

Key Points to Note With Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder

Here are crucial points you should remember about cannabis, co-occurring disorder treatment, and bipolar disorder:

  • Cannabis is a drug that’s very abused by people who have bipolar disorder. Different people with bipolar disorder use marijuana for varying reasons. Each one of them for various benefits they claim to get from using marijuana that helps them reduce their bipolar disorder symptoms.
  • It is not yet fully proved whether cannabis could treat bipolar disorder.
  • Using marijuana does not lead to bipolar disorder. So, further research is required to determine if it can. However, using marijuana can worsen bipolar disorder symptoms.
  • Bipolar disorder is one of the conditions that do not qualify for treatment using cannabis.
  • There is an available professional treatment for people experiencing co-occurring disorders such as marijuana addiction and bipolar disorder.

All drugs have risks and side effects, and cannabis is no exception. Marijuana abuse can be quite rampant among people with bipolar disorder. Using marijuana to try and treat your bipolar disorder puts you at a higher risk, of getting a second diagnosis on top of your current bipolar diagnosis. Therefore, it’s advisable that you avoid using marijuana when going through bipolar disorder as marijuana hasn’t been proved yet to treat marijuana.

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A Marketer’s Guidebook to CBD Items in 2019

In 2018, it became the star of the health and wellness scene. Cannabidiol (CBD), a obviously occurring compound found in hemp was nothing but a niche topic before 2016. Nowadays, the phenomenon is normally nationwide as evidenced by the actual fact that the hemp-derived CBD industry hit 57% expansion in 2018.

A steep spike popular has generated a race to the final brand in the hemp sector, but marketing a CBD merchandise before FDA regulations are set up can be tricky. Even so, there is plenty that can be done nowadays to create your CBD enterprise up for victory.Let’s look in how CBD brands will get their advertising ball rolling so that you can stay prior to the curve.

FOCUS ON How You’re Different

Despite being truly a new market to numerous consumers, the hemp sector is more developed and highly competitive. Leaders such as for example Charlotte’s World wide web and CV Sciences (AKA Plus CBD Oil) happen to be publicly traded, however the market remains really fragmented with tiny mom-and-pop retailers winning out within their respective locales. The quantity of competitors is strong and developing. In late 2018, Congress provided hemp its blessing by incorporating it in the farm costs. Because of this, “the market will continue to grow at a fast speed,” says Steve St. Clair, CEO of Enerhealth Botanicals. CBD is now officially mainstream. With thousands of rivals, it is of utmost importance that brands pull away from the pack.

Brand strategy is something that CBD businesses should outline now. How is definitely your product distinct? Why would a customer pick your company over another? These concerns can be defined by talking to your current customers, observing holes in the marketplace and understanding the key advantages you have over other companies.

Just plenty of of the many CBD products on the market today.

Consider how messaging varies for Colorado Hemp Honey compared to Epidiolex. The 1st prospects with messaging centered around not only the standard of their honey, but why honey is a good source of fuel, especially for athletes (“Bee your best”). The latter speaks directly to families with children who suffer from seizures (“Seizures will be shared. So is Alleviation”). While Colorado Hemp Honey might put an emphasis on attending extreme sporting events, Epidiolex would find greater benefits in focusing their efforts elsewhere.

That same brand strategy can be used when considering product extensions. According to Heath Thomson, director of business development at CHF, knowing how your firm serves its consumers can show you toward product expansion. “There’s booming demand for CBD across buyer demographics, use situations and item types. While this presents immense prospect, CBD isn’t a cure-all rather than every product type that’s in development or not used to the market is suitable for medicinal or dietary health supplement use situations,” says Thomson. “For instance, many CBD suppliers/companies are chasing drinking water soluble CBD, but do we actually need CBD improved water?”

Nail Your Brand Online

Armed with a brand strategy, it’s time to build something consumer facing: your website. Mass market retailers are beginning to launch their CBD programs; however, they have dozens of brands to choose from when it comes to building stock. Brands with an established presence, clear purpose and consistent brand identity will have a leg up on fly-by-night companies.

In marketing, a brand’s website is considered its digital headquarters. Investing in a clean website with clear communication is a must. A strong website will establish trust among consumers (and retail partners) and further communicate how your brand is different from the rest.

Beyond branding, e-commerce functionality is an important revenue driver. A consumer may feel self-conscious purchasing CBD waiting for you (there continues to be quite a lttle bit of stigma encircling the merchandise), but clicking “have a look at” in the privacy of their own house is simple.“Earned media can be where companies can distinct from the pack and be category leaders.”

Own Your Email List

With regards to traveling revenue, there is absolutely no alternative to email. Some marketers in person feel their inbox can be too full and they also cringe at the very thought of adding to the regular stream of media most of us face. The stats will be undeniable though: the ROI of the normal email program is 73%.

With regards to email, you (the marketer) placed the guardrails. Unlike with pay for traffic, your consideration won’t be turn off simply because of the mother nature of your product. Despite having a modest 20% available rate, you’re reaching far more consumers than on social media (where brands only get 1% organic reach), and in a much more meaningful way.

Build Your PR Strategy

Two weeks of trying to run an advertising campaign for a hemp company will teach you one thing: when it comes to CBD, paid media is a minefield. To date, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Amazon still do not permit promotion of CBD products on their platforms. As a result, brands must lean more heavily on earned channels, such as PR.

“Earned media is where companies can separate from the pack and become category leaders. Press is more than just free advertising with regards to hemp or cannabis. Customers need to know that what they’re placing to their body is secure, and with so very much legal grey place they’ll be a lot more wary than with other products,” says James Clark, co-founder of Room 214. “News coverage – specifically in the proper publication – is similar to a press for your item and reaches audiences presently blocked by advertising.”

Leaders found in the CBD market already play a solid game with regards to PR, but there’s a lot of room for more.

Plan Constant Change

This point can’t be stressed enough: over the next two to three years, everyone in the hemp industry needs to buckle up. The constant change in this ever-budding market means you must be ready to make quick turns and adjustments. This is even true in the exercise of writing this article, as every morning I wake up to news about new regulations in various claims and motions from the FDA to carry hearings.

The impact frequent change is wearing paid media isn’t to be underestimated. During the period of just a couple of weeks, an marketing vendor may transformation their plans regarding hemp goods. My team has found this happen again and again. They might spend a day obtaining a plan rolling, look at great success in a few days and then start to see the account had been suspended shortly after. While there are cannabis-specific advertising platforms such as Mantis, mainstream networks are still turning down hemp-based brands.

This sort of up-and-down movement requires patience, and a strong “try, try again” attitude. Applying the Dunkirk Marketing Model will help brands keep their eyes on the horizon while faced with these daily obstacles. With your focus on end goals, you must also be prepared for quick adjustments and split-second decisions.

Get Started Now

While CBD businesses face far more obstacles than other CPG companies when it comes to promotion, your marketing should not take a back seat. How you build your brand today will placement you to generate the trust of consumers tomorrow. Spend time building a solid foundation by getting to know your core client. Outline a messaging strategy and your brand’s positioning, and invest in owned and gained channels such as for example your website, e-mail marketing and PR.

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